Rapper YARMAK presented a teaser of a new online series

The company Favorit Sport and Ukrainian rapper YARMAK take the series “SVOE KINO”.

Репер YARMAK представил тизер нового онлайн сериала

Rapper YARMAK presented a teaser of a new online series

The company Favorit Sport together with Ukrainian rapper YARMAK pose a teaser of a new online series.

Multi-part series called “SVOE KINO“ will air this fall. The plot is based on a true story, when the night Yarmak called the drunk rich man and offered a round sum if the musician is now coming to his child on holiday.

Shooting are now on the final stage. In roles the audience will see Alexander Yarmak, Yevgeny Azarov, Arseniy Frost, Yuri Solonenko and others.

“I’m 7 years invent himself, shoot and edit all the clips, it gives me maximum pleasure. After working on several film projects as a creative producer, seeing how amateurish or just indifferent approach to creativity among the majority of the projects of Ukrainian cinema, I was upset and decided to do in future for your own good, honest movie! From January to April, together with his fellow Bocana Novel we wrote the script, edited and now we are really happy with the story lines and drama to the show. Our main task is using satire to convey a serious message that the time of feudalism in our country is long gone, people have changed, and the oligarch is not an example for society. The message is serious, the show is fun, easy and simple to understand“, – tells about the main idea of the series YARMAK.

The company Favorit was the General partner of the project.

“Resolution of complex situations, brilliant music, excellent actors and of course the catchy story – these are the elements that will make the series “SVOE KINO“ successful. Favorit for this project the challenge and the first step in the implementation of creative projects. We managed to keep the main philosophy of the company: to light life and get only positive emotions“, – commented on the new project Katherine Maszewska, Director of communications Favorit.

Scene filmed in the genre of social crime Comedy. In the story, the rapper YARMAK is in a state of creative crisis. In search of work put into a tragicomic situation, when the son of the oligarch wants to get the musician his “toys“. In response, YARMAK rudely refuses oligarch. From that moment and begin the adventure of the marker. In the story, the viewer plunges into a whirlwind of gang warfare, the life of the oligarchs. In the final between the boy and the singer tied good friendships. Traditionally, the story ends with a happy end.

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