Rdc, Conte replies to Meloni: “Crazy that politicians with privileged salaries ask to eliminate him”

Rdc, Conte replies to Meloni: “Crazy that politicians with privileged salaries ask to eliminate him”

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Rdc, Conte replies to Meloni: “Crazy that politicians with privileged salaries ask to eliminate him”

The former Prime Minister has returned to defend citizenship income from attacks by Lega, Fratelli d’Italia and Italia Viva, which in recent days have made several proposals to repeal or modify the instrument aimed at the poorest sections of the population.

“These days we are witnessing a shameful campaign against citizenship income. I find it cowardly and mad that political exponents, in addition with privileged economic treatments, ask to abrogate a measure of civility towards those who have nothing “, said the new president of the 5 Star Movement, after yesterday Giorgia Meloni pushed herself to define the measure “like methadone for drug addicts”.

“What vision of a country can you have when you ask to repeal such a measure?” Conte said today during his visit to Naples, where he presented the M5S list for the municipal councils. “A measure that has made it possible, moreover, to tackle the pandemic, with a million new poor. A measure of civility that all other countries have, Italy arrived late but it arrived thanks to the M5s ”.

During his speech, Conte repeated his position several times, reserving harsh words against those who attacked citizenship income, including former ally Matteo Salvini. “Talking about the abolition of the citizenship income means reasoning and behaving cowardly, making a cowardly aggression. We are also talking about retirees and an audience of beneficiaries who have nothing to eat ”, he specified regarding the measure approved during the first Conte government, supported by M5S and Lega.

“The argument of abuse is often used: even if there were some, it is not normal to abrogate it, close the question for this. But I say that it can be improved, in Germany it took a long time to develop it. But now, after a year of Covid, to say to repeal it is crazy and cowardly “.

According to Conte, the possible abrogation of citizenship income by the current Prime Minister could lead to an exit of the M5S from the government. “It would be the breaking of a pact of loyalty and a logic of support and collaboration: but the M5s will support the government since Draghi has confirmed that he shares the measure,” he said, referring to Draghi’s support for the measure. In August, the former president of the European Central Bank said that he “fully shares” the concept behind the measure, without however considering the possibility that it will be reformed in the future.

Even the Speaker of the Chamber Roberto Fico defended the citizenship income, using less bright tones. “Citizenship income is a very important measure for people in difficulty. The M5S will defend it, ”he said. “If there are improvements to be made, they will be made, but the income remains”.