Record number of new arrivals in Bas-Saint-Laurent in 2022

Record of new arrivals arrivals in Bas-Saint-Laurent in 2022

A record number of newcomers from abroad have decided to settle in Bas-Saint-Laurent. (Archival photo)

A record number of immigrants have settled in Bas-Saint-Laurent in the past year, according to the most recent demographic assessment of the region ;Statistical Institute of Quebec (ISQ).

In 2022, Bas-Saint-Laurent welcomed 768 new residents from abroad, the highest net migration in 20 years according to the ISQ.

In 2021, this figure was rather in the negative with more departures from the region than arrivals.

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Furthermore, the Lower Laurentian population continues to grow, in particular because more and more young people are staying in the region rather than settling in large urban centres.

The retention rate for newcomers is also much higher compared to previous years.

The demographer in the ISQ, Martine Saint-Amour, explains that the heavier trend is really that these regions retain their residents better than before.

Au over the past five years, the number of people living alone has also jumped in Bas-Saint-Laurent.

In 2021, one in five people found in this situation. According to demographer Martine Saint-Amour, this reality concerns all age strata of the population.

With information from Patrick Bergeron