Regions colors, towards new criteria.  Hope: “Hospitalizations will weigh more”

Regions colors, towards new criteria. Hope: “Hospitalizations will weigh more”

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Regions colors, towards new criteria.  Hope: “Hospitalizations will weigh more”

The government towards new criteria for the change of colors of the Regions

The government is preparing to review the criteria with which the colors of the Regions are established, giving greater weight to hospitalizations. This was confirmed yesterday by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza who yesterday, at the meeting organized by the new Slovenian presidency with the ministers of Germany, Portugal and Slovenia, declared: “In a phase characterized by a important level ofvaccination it is reasonable that in the changes of color and in the consequent containment measures the hospitalization rate compared to the other indicators “.

THE infections in Italy in the last few days they have started to grow again, driven by the spread of Delta variant. With the increase in the incidence some Italian regions (such as Sardinia, Sicily, Veneto, Lazio and Campania) will approach yellow in the coming weeks. Precisely for this reason, the Regions have asked the government for a new one change of course on the evaluation of parameters.

“We will ask the Government to remove theincidence of positives from the parameters that move zones and colors because the risk is to decide on closures for positive people at home, when the health system is fully efficient ”, they said. But, according to reports fromagency Handle, the calculation of the incidence of positives per hundred thousand inhabitants will probably remain among the parameters, although losing its discretion in the event that the occupation of beds in intensive care and in ordinary wards does not exceed the percentages of risk of 30 and 40 percent. Furthermore, the possibility of reviewing these percentages is not excluded, while the need to perform a minimum number of pads (in the white zone 150 tests per 100 thousand inhabitants).

Towards a new decree

The new “emergency decree” that the government is preparing to launch will allow the release of the green pass only with the second dose, in line with what is happening in the EU. The government also seems oriented to follow the French line dictated by Marcon, with the need for a pass to access planes, trains and events, as well as restaurants, gyms and indoor swimming pools.

For the CTS, which meets on the issue between Monday and Tuesday, it is necessary to “give greater significance to the green pass”. A political mediation could be to insert the measure only in Regions outside the white zone (perhaps starting from the yellow zone), avoiding heavy closures in midsummer.

The decree will also include the extension of the state of emergency, which currently ends on July 31st. The deadline could come in late October or late December. The vaccinations in Italy have reached in these hours share of 60 million administrations while almost 26 million (48.12 per cent of the population over 12) have completed the vaccination cycle. There are two and a half million unvaccinated people among the over 60s.

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