Renzi wants to lighten the Zan Bill: “Better a compromise with the right than nothing”

Renzi wants to lighten the Zan Bill: “Better a compromise with the right than nothing”

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Renzi wants to lighten the Zan Bill: “Better a compromise with the right than nothing”

Ddl Zan, Renzi: “Italia Viva does not want to bury the law, better a compromise”

“Italia Viva does not want to bury the law”: Matteo Renzi declares this after the controversy arising from his party’s decision to present some amendments to the Zan bill in which it was proposed, among other things, to remove the reference to gender identity, contained in article 1 of the law.

A decision that provoked the anger of the M5S and the entire center-left with the party leader, Matteo Renzi, accused of winks at Salvini’s center-right and his desire to bury the law.

Interviewed by The Republic, however, the leader of Italia Viva defends himself against the accusations and declares that he has no intention of burying the Zan bill.

“The opposite is true: we are the only ones who want to save him – declares Renzi – The hypocrisy of those who scream on social media but know that there are no numbers in the Senate is the true guarantee of the sinking of the law. If we go under on a secret ballot amendment, this law is dead and we’ll talk about it in years. And how many gay guys will suffer from the lack of this law? I want to avoid this risk. But to make the laws you need the votes of the senators, not the likes of the influencers. Whoever wants a law finds the numbers, whoever wants to bury it finds an alibi ”.

According to Renzi, therefore, a compromise is better: “The question is always the same, the contrast between maximalists and reformists. The maximalists make the conferences, the reformists make the laws. I prefer a good compromise to those who think they are the only ones right but don’t change things ”.

To those who accuse him of wanting to bury the law in this way, Renzi replies: “I signed the Civil Unions. And on the last night before the decision to place the trust there was a controversy over stepchild adoption. Those who trusted the grillini assured us that they would vote in favor ”.

Renzi, therefore, retraces the episode: “I did not trust and after speaking with the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, my friend Xavier Bettel, I put my trust by removing the stepchild. And thank goodness! During the night the grillini backed off and the law was approved with Verdini’s votes. Thanks to that law, thousands of same-sex people have been able to marry for five years. If we had not made a compromise today in Italy there would be fewer rights ”.

The leader of Italia Viva then explains his party’s proposal: “I am interested in having a good law. Scalfarotto’s proposal, also signed by Zan, eliminates the controversial points on gender identity and school. It can be a drop point. The important thing is not to bury the law: by secret ballot the law risks a lot. Even in the Pd Cinque Stelle groups there may be a lack of votes, this is Pulcinella’s secret ”.

On the fact that Italia Viva’s proposals coincide with those of the right, Renzi replies: “I did not know that feminists – who are asking for gender identity to be eliminated – were on the right. However, if the right votes in favor of such a law it means that it is a European right. Better a right that looks like Merkel than a right that looks like Orban ”.

Renzi then underlines: “The Democratic Party must decide: does it want a flag even at the cost of condemning a generation of gay girls and boys to have no protection or does it prefer a law? I would have no doubts. It is true that for many years the dem leaders have preferred identity consent to political compromise: in fact, until I arrived, no one made the law on civil unions. We propose to vote Scalfarotto’s amendments, not Pillon’s ”.

Italia Viva, however, the Zan bill in the House voted it as it is. Renzi explains why: “There were the numbers there. We are in favor of Zan. But if there are no numbers in the Senate, I prefer to make a good law by changing something. In Italy, as is well known, there is still bicameralism: until the constitution changes, the vote of the Senate is needed. And if we want to abolish bicameralism, I have always been in favor. I lost my seat because of that battle, I haven’t changed my mind ”.

To those who accuse him, within the Democratic Party, of wanting to detach himself from the center-left, Renzi replies: “The Democratic Party in recent months has chosen a suicidal strategy, sacrificing himself for Conte both in the crisis and on Draghi and in the latest discussions in the grillina house. Perhaps our friends of the Nazarene could deal more with their short-sighted vision instead of attacking us who do not sell out to a bankruptcy project like the pentastellato one ”.

On a possible agreement with the right to elect the next president of the Republic, Renzi says he is ready to make a pact “also with the right, of course. The dream is always to elect a President of the Republic with a very broad consensus. In this election, moreover, the right has 45% of the big voters, so it will certainly be at the table. And luckily 2019 we have taken full powers from Salvini del Papeete: we had gone to vote then – as some leaders also wanted from the Democratic Party – now we should elect a sovereign President “.