Repairs to the Barrandova bridge will begin on May 15 and will last 92 days

Repairs to the Barrandova bridge will begin on May 15 and will last 92 days

Repairs of the Barrandova bridge will start from May 15 and last 92 days

Barrandovský most in Prague, March 13, 2023.

Prague – This year's phase of repairs to Prague's Barrandovský Bridge will begin on May 15 and last 92 days, i.e. until August 14. Repairs include work on the northern half of the southern bridge and on the Barrandov ramp from K Barrandovu street. Deputy Mayor Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates) told journalists this today. Like last year, traffic will be conducted in three instead of the current four lanes in each direction. The Barrand ramp will be closed. Among other things, the workers will repair the top of the bridge and the drainage, rehabilitate the lower parts of the supporting structure and make new cornices. The city is urging drivers to consider the need to drive over the bridge and use detours.

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Repairs of the Barrandova bridge will start from May 15 and will last 92 days days” /> days” />

Repairs of the Barrandova bridge will start from May 15 and last 92 days

The reconstruction of the Barrandovský bridge began last year on the southern half of its southern part. The work is spread over several years and should last only part of the year. For the entire period, they will amount to 594.5 million crowns. The complex from 1983, consisting of two parts, north and south, has never been repaired.

“The second stage of repairs will be more complicated than the first, because the Barrand ramp will be closed, because more cars drive on it than on Strakonická,” Hřib said.

The preparatory work, which does not require traffic restrictions, began in March and will last until mid-May. The workers are preparing the work necessary for additional prestressing, replacement of part of the bearings, rehabilitation of the supporting wall of the Strakon ramp and rehabilitation of the pillars of the Barrandov ramp. According to the deputy director of the Technical Communications Administration (TSK) Josef Richter, the workers will start the reconstruction by milling the road or dismantling it. In addition to the road, the insulation of the bridge, the cornice, the lower part of the supporting structure or the support of the Barrandov ramp will be repaired. The layer compensates for the differences in the height of the concrete, which is different in each part of the bridge. According to Hřib, if everything goes smoothly and as expected, it is a realistic job to make it to the end of the holidays. The project originally did not consider the need to create a leveling layer, because according to the documentation, the problem was not known before the work began.

The city authorities urged drivers to either not drive over the bridge at all or, if possible, to drive outside of rush hour. “I would like to ask you all for your cooperation and patience, as traffic on the bridge will be significantly restricted, please limit your journeys across the bridge as much as possible, or if possible, drive elsewhere,” said Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda (ODS).

Drivers will be able to use the bypass route through the Prague ring road, when the exit to Písnice will be opened. The ramp from Modřanská to the South Junction will be extended. Just like last year, the return ramp at Lihovar will be in operation, which will be used by drivers driving from K Barrandovu Street across the bridge to the South Junction. It will be strengthened during public transport repairs, when there will be temporary dedicated bus lanes in selected streets. Tram lines will be strengthened and the routes of some buses will be modified. Public transport preferences at intersections will increase.

Barrand Bridge from 1983 is part of the city ring road and has never been repaired. 140,000 cars cross it daily, which makes it the busiest road in Prague.