Report of single tax: Legault takes the opposite of Trudeau

Rapport d’impôt unique: Legault prend le contre-pied de Trudeau

Photo: Sean Kilpatrick, The canadian Press
The prime minister of quebec, François Legault, and its federal counterpart, Justin Trudeau

The prime minister of quebec, François Legault, refutes categorically the argument that the introduction of an income tax return that is unique to Quebec would facilitate tax evasion.

It has been advanced by its federal counterpart, Justin Trudeau on Wednesday. “We expect that we will continue to be able to counter the tax evasion and it is the federal that has all of these agreements internationally,” he said in the House of commons on Wednesday. Canada has entered into 30 agreements on exchange of information, of which 24 are already in force, and 93 tax treaties. Only three of these treaties ― with the United States, Britain and Germany ― explicitly allow Canada to pass to the provinces and the information received.

Mr. Trudeau has accused the conservatives of “[put] at risk the efforts to counter tax evasion on which [Ottawa] has invested nearly $ 1 billion “in agreeing to the request of the national Assembly to establish” a single tax, be transmitted to Revenu Québec for all québec taxpayers, while preserving the fiscal autonomy of Quebec “.

On the other side of the Ottawa river, Mr. Legault said he was confident of being able to overcome ” the barriers that referred to Mr. Trudeau, for example the fight against tax havens “. “That settles it !” he argued in the margin of a caucus of elected caquistes, to Gatineau on Wednesday. Mr. Legault has in particular suggested to “keep a part of the employees of Revenue Canada” to continue the tracking of the escaped tax.

“5500 jobs at risk “

The head of the government of quebec has expressed its impatience in front of the discourse of fear in which some 5500 employees in quebec of the Canada revenue Agency (CRA) would lose their livelihood if an income tax return single saw the light of day. “I can’t believe that one is not able to find another occupation for employees of Revenue Canada. You can’t say : it protects the jobs which are working in double, that make the same thing twice “, he told the press, while recalling the support of the conservative Party of Canada income tax return single. “The conservatives are 5500 jobs at risk in Shawinigan, Jonquière with their desire to tax return single,” said Mr. Trudeau in the Commons, before adding : “This follows a decade of attacks on the conservative against the public service. “

For his part, Mr. Legault has flatly reiterated its request to the federal government to transfer to Quebec the treatment of the report of canadian income tax, and this, not without ” compensation “, he warned. “We would expect actually to have a compensation of Ottawa. “Besides, the government caquiste has entrusted to Revenu Québec to clarify the cost of processing an income tax return single. “The figure is always around $ 500 million “, noted the prime minister.

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