Restaurateur from new York is collecting donations for food for doctors

Restaurateur from new York is collecting donations for food for doctors Author: Victoria Semenova, a Restaurateur from new York is collecting donations for food for doctors Photo: Feed the Frontlines charity hospital doctors quarantine Coronavirus news new York news United States new York restaurant USA Ресторатор из Нью-Йорка собирает пожертвования на еду для докторов

In new York the midst of the quarantine, the number of cases is increasing, and the crisis stronger binds the city. In this difficult time restaurateur from new York decided to help people who are on the frontline in the war against coronavirus – doctors.

Luca Di Pietro, owner of the popular Italian restaurant Tarallucci e Vino, shared his new idea with a friend from Toronto when they discussed the spread of the coronavirus and its impact on the restaurant industry. Luke decided to create a website where anyone can donate a sum of products for Italian dishes, which will be delivered free of charge to doctors in clinics in new York.

The restaurateur said that since last Thursday, he sent 460 dishes in a new York hospital. He shared the plans of Luka hopes that soon will be able to send 300-400 meals a day.

“I hope that this madness in which we live, we will have enough hospitals that we will be able to feed in these hard times, and eventually I’ll be able to find more restaurants to help them.” – said the restaurateur.

To create a website that facilitates the supply and helps to expand the network of participating restaurants, Luke helped his daughter and her classmate. They are both College students at the moment are at home in quarantine. The website, called Feed the Frontlines, allows you to donate money, starting with $ 25. To date, Luke has collected 74 000 dollars of the $ 149 000 dollars, which he has set his goal, writes Fox News.

Luke opened one of its dishes, using it for both personal purposes and for delivery. It helped him to keep most of the staff at one of his restaurants. However, he, like most restaurateurs, sent the rest of the staff on vacation at his own expense.

If we don’t get immediate help, people will receive the loans, any transaction with an advance cash with banks, merchants, they will be forced to default.” – said Luca. “…Without any production of our landscape will inevitably change.”

According to the National restaurant Association, the industry employs over 15 million people across the country. Representatives of agencies warn that half of the citizens working in institutions, lose their jobs, if the projected decline in state revenues to 225 billion dollars over the next three months, after all, will happen. Most States, including new York, were forced to close their establishments for visitors and to perform a delivery or to cook food to go because of the quarantine.

Luke tells us that as of March 16, 90 percent of its employees were left without work. But he hoped that with the growth of the program donations the situation will change, and the restaurateur will be able to return all employees to work. And it looks like it’s probably because Luke is confidently moving to its goal – donations continue to grow, and more and more doctors get free Lunches.

“I thought that this is something that will be useful not only for myself, but probably will help everyone to feel better.” – Luke says.

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