Restrictions  Minister Kurvinen was pleased with the events unfolding, the AVI director knocks out the instructions: “This wil

Restrictions Minister Kurvinen was pleased with the events unfolding, the AVI director knocks out the instructions: “This wil

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Restrictions  Minister Kurvinen was pleased with the events unfolding, the AVI director knocks out the instructions: “This wil

Heikki Mäki of the Regional Administration of Southwest Finland says that he finds it very special that Minister Kurvinen is already happy that the restrictions have been lifted.

Southwest Finland Director of the Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) Heikki Mäki commented harshly on the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health letter of instruction to relax restrictions on public events.

The guidance letter recommends that regional government agencies allow for the organization of health-safe events in areas of acceleration and dispersal without the current requirements for a safety distance of two meters and the division of auditoriums.

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Mäki is very strange about the idea that regional government agencies should assess the health safety of various facilities and events.

“We have six regional government agencies, countless different occasions, events, general meetings in different spaces, dozens of cinemas and so on. The regional government agency does not have any conditions to assess, for example, the ventilation or access to all the different premises. My own assessment is that this will become a complete impossibility. ”

Science- and the Minister of Culture Antti Kurvinen (middle) rejoiced already on Thursday in public, that safety distances of two meters and auditorium blocks be abandoned.

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“At the ministerial level, very special communication already rejoices at the removal of restrictions. However, decisions are taken by us in an official capacity and are based, for example, on epidemiological assessments from hospital districts. In our case, both the Hospital District of Southwest Finland and the Hospital District of Satakunta have, when asked, expressed the need to use Section 58d. ”

The section of the Communicable Diseases Act mentioned by Mäki prescribes a safety distance of two meters in the premises intended for customers and participants. He states that the article in principle allows different holdings to be treated differently. In practice, however, it is very difficult.

“This is where the ten-person meeting room with good air conditioning or the bus with virus removal equipment is a meeting place where there are no risks? What about the Exhibition Hall with a huge number of squares? Such a reflection as an authority is absurd. ”

One option is for regional government agencies to simply repeal the requirement for two-meter safety intervals in all premises. However, it would be special, as it is precisely on the basis of expert opinions that a number of regional government agencies have estimated that requiring safety intervals is now necessary due to the disease situation.

Hill considers that the Ministry’s guidance letters are, in general, a poor way of interfering in the decisions of regional government agencies.

“Such lighter guidance than the law, which specifically states that decisions are left to the discretion of regional government agencies, can neither tighten nor mitigate what is already provided by law. I stick to my view. ”

If the regional government agencies do not consider themselves able to make the targeted easing of event restrictions desired by the government, the government may still have to prepare amendments to the law. So far, the government has not left, as it will take time and the parliamentary session will continue.