Reuters: Germany's slow progress on sanctions against Russian oligarchs

Reuters: Germany slows progress on sanctions against Russian oligarchs

Illustration photo – German Chancellor Olaf Scholz addresses the Bundestag, March 2, 2023. 

Berlin – Germany is making only slow progress in imposing sanctions on Russian oligarchs. According to Reuters, this follows from government data. Russia has become the target of extensive sanctions from Western countries as a result of the attack on Ukraine.

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According to current figures from the Ministry of Finance, Germany has frozen assets belonging to sanctioned Russian oligarchs worth around 5.25 billion euros (about 123 billion CZK) since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. This represents only a small increase from around 4.2 billion euros six months ago, Reuters wrote.

The ministry provided the data in response to a request from German lawmaker Christian Görke. “Since December, the assets of the oligarchs worth only 200 million euros have been frozen, and in half a year only worth one billion,” said Görke.