Rhythms of Africa: Madonna presented the video for the song Batuka

В ритмах Африки: Мадонна презентовала клип на песню Batuka

American singer Madonna continues to amaze fans with songs and video clips thereto, which are included in the album of Madame X. the Star unveiled the new video for the song Batuka, in which she danced to African rhythms with dark-skinned women.

New video for the song Batuka appeared on the YouTube channel of the singer on Friday, July 19. In the video we talk about the history of the island nation of Cape Verde. As you know, Cape Verde is called the birthplace of the slave trade.

Madonna, who adopted children in the southern African country of Malawi often shows interest in African culture.

It is interesting that in the clip, the singer appeared as a brunette and looks contrast in the shot with the other women of the Portuguese music band Orquestra Batukadeiras who are dressed in white robes and shawls.

Madonna – Batuka: watch the video

“I am very happy that we met and were able to work with women who strongly encouraged”, – said the actress on his page in Instagram by publishing women of the musical group.

Earlier, Madonna was a guest star on the final of the Eurovision song contest-2019 in Israel and provoked a scandal.

During the concert the singer raised the issue of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict: two dancers pop diva took the stage in the outfit, which was seen appropriate flags. The artists embraced what was seen as a hint at the end of the conflict.

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