Ricciardo: “I’ve always believed in it” |  FormulaPassion.it

Ricciardo: “I’ve always believed in it” | FormulaPassion.it

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Ricciardo: “I’ve always believed in it” |  FormulaPassion.it

Months as an ugly duckling, and then suddenly you become a swan. Indeed, you go back to being one, because the qualities have never been in question. It happened to Daniel Ricciardo, that this victory had been chasing her for three years. And it happened to McLaren, fasting since 2012. Two different crossings in the same desert, culminating in the same oasis: Monza 2021, the scene of a memorable victory, even lucky, but certainly deserved for the work and the path of growth, personal and team.

Ricciardo, for example, never gave up. He always sought personal affirmation, even when teammate Lando Norris beat him with seconds in qualifying. He gave it to him, but the impression is that he will give it to many in the future. The Australian did not get lost, he worked on himself and found the way out. Before taking the most inaccessible road, that of the confirmation, Danny Ric still wants to cheer.

This victory means everything to me. I certainly try not to base my happiness on sport, because I hadn’t won for over three years: in this period I should have been sad, thinking like this. A lot has happened since Monte Carlo 2018 and trying certain sensations again makes you understand why we love this sport. It pays off for the most lousy days“Said the Australian after the Monza race. “Now I feel a kind of high, I’m honest: there have been several lows this year, but basically I’ve never lost faith, the belief that I can do it. I think I needed to take a step back and I think having some free time in August helped me“.