Ricciardo, Norris: “I had more fun with Sainz” |  FormulaPassion.it

Ricciardo, Norris: “I had more fun with Sainz” | FormulaPassion.it

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Ricciardo, Norris: “I had more fun with Sainz” |  FormulaPassion.it

In sport, in general and even more so when competing by profession and at the highest levels, the relationship between teammates is not built only on the playing field. Ask for confirmation a Lando Norris, which on the eve of the Austrian Grand Prix tries to focus on the differences in the relationships built over the past two years with Carlos Sainz jr. and this year with his current boxing mate in McLaren Daniel Ricciardo.

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“Daniel and I get along very well – reveals the pilot born in Bristol -. We have great laughs together and are good friends, but there is no doubt that off the track we cultivate very different interests and passions. He loves wine and fashion, I’m more for golf and video games “. And it was precisely the shared love for video games and for the green that last season cemented a friendship with Sainz that continues today, despite the fact that the Spaniard has changed his shirt and now in the ranks of Ferrari. “We have played golf together on more than one occasion and very often we competed to see who was fastest in the driving simulator – Norris recalls -. It’s little things like these that help them become good teammates. It is important to spend time together even after the competitions and golf, in particular, helped to create a better atmosphere even at work “.

To not converge on the same wavelength Norris and Ricciardo, in addition to their very different pastimes, could also be their respective results on the track, so far also at the antipodes, with the Englishman clearly in better shape and currently fourth in the Drivers’ classification with 52 points clear of the Australian, only ninth at 34 points. The fact that Norris’s star, race after race, is ending up obscuring the decidedly less brilliant one of his teammate, however, from the English driver’s point of view, it does not represent a problem in terms of human relations in the team. “I only think about concentrating on what is really important for me and for the team at the moment, and that is my guide – explains Norris -. Compared to before I spend more time with engineers, I am more focused on my work. Not that I stopped having fun, on the contrary, I simply developed a deeper work ethic “.