Richard Branson Raffles Two Space Voyages on Virgin Galactic’s Ship: How to Enter

Richard Branson Raffles Two Space Voyages on Virgin Galactic’s Ship: How to Enter

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Richard Branson Raffles Two Space Voyages on Virgin Galactic’s Ship: How to Enter

Taking advantage of the fact that his name is at the top of the wave, Richard Branson and his firm Virgin Galactic -which has just made history with the first space tourism flight- wants to continue taking advantage of the impulse that the tailwind gives it. The new strategy of the British millionaire is to raffle two tickets to travel to space on your ship.

“Win two seats in one of the first flights to space Virgin Galactic”, indicates the company inviting to “enter to win.” All donations received would go to to the non-profit organization Space Humanity.

The ad states that “you and a friend will make history as you both live your astronaut dreams in one of the Virgin Galactic’s first commercial space flights.

The company partnered with the fundraising platform Omaze to get around the double passage. The winner will make the trip in the VSS Unity space plane, the same one that Branson flew in.

To participate in the raffle you must enter the Omaze site.

Participation is free, but if the interested party wants to increase his chances of winning, you can pay a certain fee to have your name dialed more timeson the applicants list.

Space is for all mankindThat’s why we’re giving you a chance to win two seats on one of Virgin Galactic’s first flights into space, “said Branson.

The bases and conditions promise that the winner and his companion will be able to enjoy “weightlessness and the breathtaking views of Earth from space. “

The award is accompanied by a guided tour of the America spaceport, in New Mexico, by the magnate himself. “With my Willa Wonka hat onI promise a lot of chocolate at the factory, ”Branson joked.

As if to make the experience round, he points out that “after a gentle descent, you will return to Earth safely, but forever transformed,” it says there.

The draw will be closed next September 1 and the winners will be announced at the end of that month.

Richard Branson Raffles Two Space Voyages on Virgin Galactic’s Ship: How to Enter

The six crew members who took off in VSS Unity with Branson.

Space ascent

Weeks ago, Richard Branson, CEO and founder of Virgin, ascended into space aboard the SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity, the first voyage cwith six passengers from your space tourism company.

The ship was lifted by the double-fuselage VMS Eve thruster to an altitude of 15 kilometers, where it broke off and ascended into space, lreaching 89 kilometers. The historic flight lasted 90 minutes.

The objective of the flight was to evaluate and improve the different experiences that Virgin Galactic has promised its future customers, such as weightlessness, views of Earth, and cabin comfort.

“There are no words to describe the feeling. This is a space trip. This is a dream come true ”, was the message that Richard Branson published on his official Twitter account, after returning from his trip.

This is the 22nd test flight for the VSS Unity spacecraft and Virgin Galactic’s fourth manned flight. The company hopes to do two more tests before launching his business trips in 2022.

The six crew members of the Unity 22 mission were four mission specialists, including Branson and two pilots. This trip takes place a few days before another similar one that the founder of Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos, will make on July 20, along with his brother Mark.