Richter donates compensation for spreading lies on the Internet to non-profit organizations

Richter donates compensation for spreading lies on the Internet to non-profit organizations

Richter dedicates every day to finding lies on the Internet, not profiting

Illustrative photo – Extraordinary meeting of the Chamber of Deputies, May 3, 2022, Prague. Deputy Speaker of the Chamber Olga Richterová.

Prague – Non-profit organizations fighting disinformation, violence and supporting media education in schools will receive compensation in the full amount of 50,000 crowns, which was decided by the Prague City Court of Appeal in January in the case of the spread of false news about the vice-president of the Pirates, Olga Richterová, on the Internet. In a press release, the pirates informed about the plan to divide the money between the organizations Manipulátoř, Evropský vá, People in Need and In Iustitia. In mid-March, the court decided that the Richters must pay 50,000 crowns and apologize on their profile to Nela Lisková. According to the verdict, in 2019 she repeatedly shared a false post on Facebook that Richter wanted the Czech Republic to give refugees apartments. According to Richter, she faced attacks on the social network, including death threats, because of this post.

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“Spreading lies about someone on the Internet, scaring citizens or resorting to cyberbullying is really not okay. We have to stand up to manipulators. Their victims are no longer just public figures, but also ordinary citizens, or even children in the case of cyberbullying. My lawsuit it was about showing that there is a need to speak out, that it makes sense. Immediately after the verdict, I stated that I would support the further fight against misinformation, bullying or the development of education with compensation. Now I am fulfilling my promise and sending the money,” said Richterová.

In the post shared by Lisková, together with a photo of Richter, it was stated that Richter said that the Czech Republic can accept tens of thousands of refugees in the first wave and provide them with starter apartments for young people. Richter said she never said anything like that. Last April, the district court found that Lisková was not the author of the post, but she spread it without verifying the claim. Lisková repeatedly spreads misinformation on social networks, for example about vaccinations. In 2016, according to the server, she also shared lies on social networks about the statements of the then Deputy Prime Minister Pavel Bělobrádek (KDU-ČSL), which were again linked to the migration crisis.

Lisková also led the association Zastupitelské centrum Donecké lidové republic and posed as the honorary consul of the Donetsk region in Ukraine controlled by pro-Russian separatists. The association was dissolved by the court in 2017 due to illegal activity. In the past, Lisková was a member of the ČSSD and later the SPD.