Ríos Piter’s appointment goes against the UDLAP statute: Derbez

Ríos Piter’s appointment goes against the UDLAP statute: Derbez

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Ríos Piter’s appointment goes against the UDLAP statute: Derbez

Jaime Zambrano

Puebla / 07/14/2021 22:32:03

The legal process takes time and Next week the first hearing will be held to verify that the seizure of the facilities was illegal from the Universidad de las Américas Puebla (Udlap) and in two more weeks, the board of trustees headed Margarita Jenkins de Landa will regain control of the facilities.

Luis Ernesto Derbez Bautista, rector of Udlap, explained that, at this moment, he is the only rector in the institution whose main headquarters are the campus of San Andrés Cholula; while the supposed appointment of Ríos Piter, violated the statutes.

In interview for MILENIO Television, Derbez Bautista explained that, while the board endorsed by the Board for the Care of Private Assistance Institutions of the State of Puebla, a decentralized body of the state government, is following a media route to attract attention, the board of the Mery Street Foundation Jenkis and the Udlap Foundation headed by Margarita Jenkins de Landa, continue a legal process to recover the facilities.

“What we have is a legal process, it is a process that has its times, next week there will be a hearing and I understand that, by midweek, it will not only be entered but also understood what these people committed as a crime and we It will take two or three weeks for the redemption. What is clear is that the media part goes faster and the legal part has its times ”, he pointed out.

He explained that, when the legal process concludes, it will be shown that the takeover of June 29 by an alleged new board of trustees was illegal and the facilities will reopen under the operation of the Udlap Foundation.

“I hope that once the legal process we are undertaking is finished because I do believe in the rule of law, I do believe in the law, well, we will have to return to our campus and to an institution that is considered the best in Mexico, as a private institution for six consecutive years. All that is at risk today ”,

Regarding the accusations of diversion of resources, Derbez Bautista stressed that, when requested, he will demonstrate his income and that he did not commit any crime as they are mentioning in the patronage that has the support of the government of Puebla.

“When it is demonstrated, I will have the time to say, calmly, here is the demonstration of all my income. My contract said that I could continue working, giving advice, giving lectures and getting paid for them. I did that in some cases and not in others, because they favored the institution ”, he pointed out.

Regarding the payroll, Derbez Bautista stressed that the delivery of resources is now in doubt because those who invaded the Udlap campus generated chaos, since everything was going smoothly.

Who caused the chaos? Those who invaded the university. The problem should be clear. The problem is that they invaded the university campus. The second thing is that, of course the academic quality is there, of course we had left the money and there is no reason not to pay the payroll. The problem is not that the money did not exist, the problem is that they invaded the campus and they are illegally taking over a facility, a series of resources and they are discrediting the institution ”, he highlighted.