River 1-2 Colón: the unoxuno of Marcelo Gallardo’s team

River 1-2 Colón: the unoxuno of Marcelo Gallardo’s team

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River 1-2 Colón: the unoxuno of Marcelo Gallardo’s team

In a match to be forgotten, River lost 2-1 against Colón at the Monumental and started the championship with the left foot. Despite playing from 14 minutes into the first half with 10 men, Marcelo Gallardo’s team did not find the return to the game. This is the millionaire’s unoxuno.

Franco Armani (5): No saves. He is not seen in his best version and transmitting the security of other times.

Alex Vigo (4): He still can’t find the level that led him to River. Today he played against his former teammates but did not have a good performance.

Jonatan Maidana (4): Too slow and suffering at the speed of Colón’s forwards. In the line of 3 defenders it was shown that he cannot play.

Robert Rojas (4): Gallardo replaced him 30 minutes after the expulsion of Gonzalo Piovi. Another who has been lazy for a long time and who is very relegated in the team. He did not take his chance.

Javier Pinola (5): From lowest to highest. The brand cost him a lot, especially in speed duels. He had the usual attitude to collaborate to go find the result.

Fabrizio Angileri (6): Of the most remarkable of River. It was until the end of the game and he got tired of throwing good centers. His teammates did not help him with the definition.

Enzo Fernández (6): Correct performance of the midfielder, which is far from showing the level he had in Defense and Justice. You need confidence and time on the court.

Bruno Zuculini (6): A lot of desire and determination throughout the game. With his limitations, it is good to note that he always leaves everything for the team.

Jorge Carrascal (6): The one who tried the most to play and be unbalanced. It started very well and it was staying with the party. River needs him more than ever, because there is no other player of his characteristics.

José Paradela (4): He could not take advantage of his chance and was imprecise. He was replaced at halftime.

Agustín Fontana (4): Another low level. Very imprecise and far from being able to generate danger.

They entered:

Braian Romero (6): He showed interesting things and was close to converting the tying goal. He adapted quickly to the team.

Federico Girotti (5): More dangerous than Fontana. It lacks precision in the finishing touch.

Gonzalo Montiel (6): He provided more depth than Vigo and was very participative in attack.

Matías Suárez (5): Despite the goal, he is seen far from his best version and it is essential that he recovers his level for the functioning of the team

Nicolás de la Cruz (4): He did not solve the problem that the team had and ended all the plays incorrectly.