Rodrigo González after EEG’s defeat against Guerreros: “They went to make a fool of themselves”

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Rodrigo González after EEG’s defeat against Guerreros: “They went to make a fool of themselves”

This last Monday, September 6, the first day of the expected duel between the members of Esto es guerra and Guerreros México took place. And although the Peruvians brought their best exponents, their Aztec peers were the clear winners, as they finished with a 900 to 550 advantage.

This caused the followers of the program to turn to social networks to criticize the performance of national competitors. One of those who added to these comments was Rodrigo gonzalez, during the last edition of his program together with Gigi Miter, via Willax TV.

The driver of Love and fire not only reproached what was done by the boys of EEG, but also pronounced on the defeat before the Mexican ‘warriors’. Despite this, the popular ‘Peluchín’ congratulated the production of the television show, since its audience rose greatly this past Monday.

“They went to make a fool of themselves. I have tried to see the positive side … what does age have to do with it? They have been competing for a long time, in some things it is more clever … I withdraw what has been said, when we want to think well of them, they always disappoint, they have not been the exception, “he said.

On the other hand, Gigi Miter highlighted that the good side of this defeat was the high rating that the Peruvian program had. “On the one hand, the production is happy, because it has worked for them, but it is not pretty to see them as losers,” said the presenter.

This Tuesday the second day of the duel between Esto es guerra and Guerreros México will take place and it will be known which team will be the winner in the accumulated.

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