Rom 2.0, Inzaghi wants a Lukaku master of the area for the assault on Europe

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Rom 2.0, Inzaghi wants a Lukaku master of the area for the assault on Europe

From calls to feeling on the pitch. Simone is entering the head and heart of the center forward. And now the Belgian approaches the door

Can Inzaghi reproduce the same correspondence of amorous senses that his predecessor had with King Lukaku? Can Simone enter the head and heart of his champion and bend him to his football made up of different principles than in the past? Yes, he can, at least to see the first instinctive and profitable harmony that the new Inter technician has with his totem-forward: the chats and WhatsApps during the summer had opened the way between them and then direct acquaintance confirmed that there is excellent material on which to build a lasting relationship. If Antonio Conte has turned Romelu into a weapon of mass destruction in Serie A, his successor certainly does not intend to disperse the achievements of the last two years. But he also wants to add something from his wealth of experience, as is required of any new technical guide, with a specific goal: to multiply the effectiveness of the Belgian in Europe. For this reason, a Lukaku 2.0 is being born, the same yet different, revolutionary in conservation: it will certainly not upset its essence, it will not give up lethal physicality in the open field, but it will slightly change its way of being on the pitch. In a less conservative team, Rom will be called upon to occupy the penalty area for a longer time: the tears of the past, as devastating as they are wearing, will certainly continue, without being the main script of the comedy.

Desire for Inter

Conte was not just a coach for Roma: he was a spiritual father, a metropolitan philosopher. By blowing on the fire of motivation, he took the Belgian to the next level. For this reason, during the tumultuous days of farewell at the end of May, the world fell on Lukaku. A few hours of amazement and worried messages, then the emergency room of the company came to reassure all of Antonio’s widows. The rest was done by Simone, with his kind ways and clear ideas. Number 9, even before starting the European campaign, appreciated that first presentation call and also the subsequent approach maneuvers. In his years in Lazio Inzaghi was never a tough boss who uses the stick, but an older brother who listens to confidences and knows how to advise far beyond the field. This strong human side immediately conquered Romelu, who at the Pinetina on Sunday evening showed up with a smile that usually does not accompany those returning from vacation. And in the early retirement the Belgian showed good humor and great desire, despite the fact that the old maestro is no longer on the bench. After all, history teaches that, to make the most of the Belgian, he needs pampering and many: of course, he will also have it in this new era. On the pitch he also needs technical confidence and on this point Inzaghi wants to complete his mission: the Belgian is guaranteed absolute centrality, as in the last season the sun remains around which the planet Inter turns. And with a growing leadership off the pitch: it is certainly no coincidence that on Sunday evening, just landed from an intercontinental flight departing from Miami, it was his companions who asked him to go straight to Pinetina. On that occasion, the direct knowledge of his new leader also arrived, complete with photos on display on social media. For the rest, it will be the market that will widen Lukaku’s grin even more: Hakimi’s departure could do almost more harm than Conte’s, but a Nandez enlisted in a short time would also heal this nostalgia.

In the Inzaghi project, goals from Belgium will also have to arrive abundantly in Europe, especially in the decisive Cup matches. After all, it is the only step that Romelu still lacks, but the coach knows the subject: he knows which strings to touch, he has a experience to transfer. With 15 goals, he is still Lazio’s goal record holder in the Champions League. In the new chats between the coach and the center-forward, there was talk of this and more: Romelu has always been intrigued by the change, he will accept to slightly modify some movements on the field according to Inzaghi’s new priorities. The Contiana Inter had frenetic frequencies, shortened game times, arrived immediately at the Lukaku station. Then, with his back to the goal, the Belgian protected the ball from any adversity and let the game flow. Now an Inter less wait-and-see and more maneuvering is being born, devoted to dribbling rather than restarting: the extreme verticality that led Romelu to produce lots of snatches will leave room for a wider game. Everything responds to a project that is already beginning to take shape in Appiano: trigger the weapon in the penalty area, bring it closer to the enemy goal, reduce fatigue without the ball. The new master Simone is conquering him like this, promising him maximum lucidity in the moment of the shot.

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