Rosberg criticizes Hamilton’s salute to Bottas |

Rosberg criticizes Hamilton’s salute to Bottas |

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Rosberg criticizes Hamilton’s salute to Bottas |

In just twenty-four hours, the world of Formula 1 has known two important news regarding its drivers market: after the confirmation of the official passage of Valtteri Bottas from the Mercedes to Alfa Romeo at the end of the season, the German team has communicated the name of the future replacement of the Finn, who, as expected, will be George Russell. In all this, the fixed element in that of Brackley is therefore Lewis Hamilton, which in 2022 will welcome a new teammate after a long period of partnership with Bottas.

In this regard, the reigning world champion has already welcomed his compatriot on social media, at the same time greeting the one who, at the end of the championship, will pack his bags to leave for Hinwil. The seven-time world champion also wrote a particularly grateful message to the Finn, calling him the “Best teammate I’ve worked with”.

A phrase and a thought that may appear sincere to many fans and colleagues, but certainly not to a former teammate like Nico Rosberg. The German, who won the title in 2016 after an intense rivalry with Hamilton, does not agree with what the British wrote on Instagram, so much so that he commented on his post at the end of an event dedicated to sponsors during the Dutch Grand Prix: “Lewis said Valtteri was his best teammate ever – specified Rosberg – but Bottas was very useful for him, you never beat him and they had a rather cold relationship ”.

The Finn, in fact, has never managed to finish ahead of Hamilton in the world championship standings, which instead happened in 2016: in that case, Keke’s son of art became world champion after a long battle with no holds barred. between himself and the Englishman, with the two pilots who remained at Mercedes from 2013 to 2016. Rosberg, who at the end of the 2015 world championship focused on the goal of defeating his team-mate, completed his plan after a heated rivalry with the latter, such as to ruin a solid and existing friendship relationship before so.

Despite the German’s retirement just five days after winning the title, since then the two protagonists have not yet shortened the distance that had separated them on the track. However, Rosberg wanted to specify Hamilton’s thanks dedicated to Bottas by releasing a joke: “When I saw the post on Instagram – he has declared – I wanted so much to write to him: ‘and what do you think of me’? “

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