Rossi and Ferrari: why not give it a try?  |

Rossi and Ferrari: why not give it a try? |

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Rossi and Ferrari: why not give it a try?  |

Valentino Rossi finally announced it for real: he will retire from MotoGP at the end of the 2021 season. Thus ends a long career on a motorcycle, culminating in triumphs of incredible sporting value. Now, for the world champion, a new page will open, that of the future. And who knows, there might be some four-wheel tints for a centaur who, reasonably, shouldn’t be recycled in other motorcycle championships.

The relationship between Rossi and cars has always been very close and friendly. In addition to rallies, a passion of his and his father Graziano, there are also Gran Turismo cars, in particular those with the Prancing Horse imprinted on the bodywork.. And in the past, there had been a variety of approaches to a ‘different’ career. wrote in 2018, about the automotive possibilities of the national Valentino: “A view of the Fiorano circuit, Valentino Rossi and an inscription: What if we tried? In the video released by Scuderia Ferrari, the Doctor is smiling, thinking back to that marriage with the Formula 1 world championship which came one step away from materializing in 2005-2006, and which in the end never came true. Rossi instead chose to extend his career in MotoGP, with two other world titles“.

From precocious talent to highlander of the World Championship, with a passion for speed and for the Prancing Horse always intact. And so it was not strange to see the Pesaro guest of the Modena circuit and the Scuderia, during a break from the efforts of the MotoGP, to test the 488 Runway, the 720 hp Ferrari jewel. Valentino then covered a few laps of the track, assisted by the men in red. The Italian company disseminated, through its social channels, photos and videos of the day of the 46 most famous in the world aboard the Cavallino racing car.

From 2004 to 2006 (with a test prize in 2008) the roads between the Italian legends of two and four wheels touched each other, without crossing a real ‘contract’. In short, it was a long courtship that never materialized. But the love for this kind of speed has remained intact. For Rossi, in fact, beyond 2021, numerous opportunities will open up to tie himself up, including on a commercial basis, to a four-wheeled reality.. If his permanence as a legend of the world championship is undoubted, it could really open up a chance to leave a mark also in the automotive world: and the brand that will be able to exploit its image benefits will have the opportunity to unleash new marketing and communication opportunities.

In pole position to grab Rossi’s post-career, obviously, there is Ferrari. In recent months, there has already been talk of programs in the GT world and also in Le Mans. But also in the world of rallies Valentino has several connections. Now, with too much meat in the fire for his retirement from MotoGP, there will still be a wait in relation to what Rossi will do when he grows up. And therefore also the automotive world stands at the window.

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