Rossi-dad, grandmother Stefania: “Finally, enough riders” |

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Rossi-dad, grandmother Stefania: “Finally, enough riders” |

For the Peter Pan of the MotoGP Valentino Rossi, 2021 is undoubtedly the year in which the Doctor decided to become great. The 1979 class exactly two weeks ago announced his retirement from the World Championship at the end of 2021, but yesterday dissolved his reservations on another big announcement that will change the life of the nine-time world champion. Up Instagramin fact, Valentino Rossi in the guise of a real doctor announced the start of the Rossi-Novello team and we are not talking about the riders academy by VR46. The girlfriend of the pilot from Tavullia, in fact, she is pregnant and the couple awaits the birth of a baby girl. “You and me will be three”, that is to say “You and I will be three” the message dedicated by Francesca to her partner who will have to manage a whole new ‘World Cup’ in 2022.

The news was obviously welcomed with great happiness by the future grandparents, who had to have a little patience given that until a few months ago Valentino Rossi had no intention of saying enough to his commitment in a world championship that certainly distances long a father from his own family. “That she is a child is wonderful, no more pilots, I have always dreamed of having a scientist in my family. Vale will be a perfect dad, if he isn’t … “ the words of the future grandmother Stefania Palma, the Doctor’s mother reported in today’s edition of The Gazzetta dello Sport. Grandfather Graziano is happy, but he is already charging with the request for another attempt to continue the Rossi family’s track tradition, provided that the little one on the way is not already giving the desired engine satisfaction to his father and grandfather: “This is hilarious news. And then I like girls so much, they are more brilliant than tomboys. However, to continue the tradition of drivers in the family, Valentino has to put his hands on it for the second. At least two attempts must be made “, said Graziano.

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