“Royal” chief: I am the victim of a conspiracy

“Royal” chief: I am the victim of a conspiracy

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“Royal” chief: I am the victim of a conspiracy

Madrid (AFP)

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has claimed that he is the victim of a conspiracy related to his role in launching the stillborn European Super League, after a local newspaper published an old audio recording of him, in which he insulted the two legends of the royal club, goalkeeper Iker Casillas and Raul Gonzalez.

The online newspaper El Confidencial published an audio recording of Perez dating back to 2006 following his first term as president of Real, which ended with his resignation in February of that year.

Perez said in the audio recording that: Casillas is not a suitable goalkeeper for Real Madrid, he did not and never will be, it was a miserable failure, continuing: the problem is that people adore him, love him, talk to him, defend him a lot.

Perez, who returned to the presidency of the club in 2009, considered in the audio recording that Casillas, who is considered one of the legends of Real after defending his lair from 1999 to 2015, was the most deceiver and Raul comes after him, in reference to the legendary scorer Raul Gonzalez, who defended the colors of the castle. White from 1994 to 2010.

Perez reiterated that “the biggest deceivers in Real Madrid’s history are first Raul and Casillas second. These statements were previously made public in 2015 in a book by journalist Jose Antonio Appian entitled “The Attack on Real Madrid.”

In a statement published on Tuesday by Real Madrid on its official website, Perez said that Abian recorded these statements in secret, considering that the timing of their publication in this period is due to his role in launching the European Super League, which aborted less than 48 hours after its launch, but Real clubs and rivals Barcelona and Juventus The Italian club is still committed to the project, unlike the other nine founding clubs that withdrew from it.

“These statements are taken from conversations that Jose Antonio Appian has secretly recorded, and he has been trying to sell them for several years without success,” Perez said in the statement.

He continued: It is being reproduced now, after many years. I think the reason for this is due to my role as one of the promoters of the Super League.” Perez concluded by saying that the lawyers are studying the measures that can be taken. Perez took over the presidency of Real for the first time from 2000 to February 2006, then returned to the position in 2009 and will remain there until 2025 after his election by acclamation Last April for a sixth term.