Russia has fired 95 missiles at Ukraine over the past day, the General Staff said

Russia has fired 95 missiles at Ukraine over the past day, the General Staff said

Russia has fired 95 missiles at Ukraine over the past day, General &scaron said ;táb

Illustration photo – This photo taken from a video released by the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense shows a BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launcher of the Russian military firing missiles at Ukrainian troops at an undisclosed location in Ukraine on February 22, 2023 .

Kyiv – Over the past day, Russia fired 95 missiles of various types at Ukraine, the Ukrainian General Staff said today in its morning operational briefing. According to him, Ukrainian air defense shot down 34 of them. Thursday's extensive wave of airstrikes killed at least six civilians, according to Ukrainian authorities, and three more people lost their lives in Russian shelling of a public transport stop in Kherson in the south of the country.

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“The enemy also carried out 31 airstrikes, mainly using eight Shahed-136 drones, half of which were shot down,” the Ukrainian military command further states. According to him, the Russians also fired salvo rocket launchers at Ukraine 65 times. “The enemy continues to use terror tactics, grossly violating the norms of international humanitarian law,” the Ukrainian staff said, adding that Russia had attacked critical infrastructure and civilian homes.

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Thursday that the Russian military's air carried out the attacks in response to “terrorist acts carried out by the Kyiv regime in the Bryansk region” in early March, when, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ukrainian saboteurs shot at civilians. Kyiv has already rejected it. Likewise, Ukraine denied claims by the Russian Defense Ministry on Thursday that Russian night airstrikes targeted Ukrainian military infrastructure.

Ukraine's General Staff also said today that the Russian invasion army continues to seek to encircle the city of Bakhmut, which is currently one of the focal points of the war that Moscow unleashed more than a year ago. “He is focusing his main efforts on conducting offensive actions in the direction of Kupyansk, Lyman, Bakhmut, Avdijivka and Shakhtarsk. Over the last day, our soldiers repelled 102 attacks,” the Ukrainian military command claims.

Similar statements by individual parties to the conflict cannot be verify directly from independent sources in the conditions of the fighting.