Russia has stopped supplying oil to Poland via the Druzhba pipeline

Russia has stopped supplying oil to Poland via the Druzhba pipeline

Russia has stopped supplying oil through the Druzhba pipeline to Poland

Oil pipeline. Illustrative photo.

Warsaw – Russia has stopped supplying oil to the northern branch of the Druzhba pipeline, which leads to Poland. Daniel Obajtek, the head of the refining company PKN Orlen, announced this on Twitter. According to him, this will not affect supplies to customers, as Poland has recently obtained only a tenth of its crude oil consumption from Russia, and supplies will be replaced from other sources.

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“Russia stopped the supply of oil to Poland, which we are fully prepared for. We received only ten percent of crude oil from Russia, and we will replace it from other sources,” said Obajtek. According to him, his company's refineries have a guaranteed supply of raw materials by sea, and customers will not feel the end of supplies by Druzhba when purchasing fuel. Companions. However, due to the long-term agreement on the purchase of Russian oil through Druzhba, PKN Orlen was threatened with fines in the event of its violation. PKN Orlen's agreement with the Russian company Tatneft is valid until this December, according to which Poland was to receive approximately 200,000 tons of oil per month.

As part of the anti-Russian sanctions introduced due to the invasion of Ukraine, a ban on the import of Russian oil into Ukraine began last December European Union. However, imports via the Druzhba pipeline, whose southern branch leads through Ukraine to Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic and the northern branch to Poland and Germany, is exempt from the embargo. oil and oil products to countries applying a price ceiling on Russian oil. The setting of maximum prices for oil transported by sea has also been applied by the European Union since December.