Russian writer Boris Akunin became infected with the coronavirus

Российский сценарист Борис Акунин заразился коронавирусом

On the personal page in Facebook the Russian writer and literary critic published a Frank message that announced the diagnosis of a coronavirus. Boris Akunin has noted that the symptoms did not result in complications and promised to tell you about the health.

Celebrity, one after another recognized infection coronaviruses. So, for those who have been diagnosed with the deadly virus, was joined by writer Boris Akunin (Grigory Chkhartishvili – real name). About the disease he reported on the pages of social networking today, March 26.

The writer noted that it will soon tell you more about your health condition and symptoms Covid-19. However, he hastened to reassure fans of his concerns about the deadly virus was much worse than it was in reality. The author therefore urged to take care and not to panic.

“I gave up FB because I roll with the fashionable disease. A little stronger – will definitely share my experience.
(Spoiler: the fear of the coronavirus is much worse than the coronavirus. To be cautious, but not panic)“–written by Boris Akunin.

It is known that the 63-year-old Boris Akunin openly opposes the regime of the Russian authorities, and does not support the policies of President Vladimir Putin. That is why he moved to live in France. In an interview a few years ago, he said that the annexation of Crimea a violation of international law.

However, his work in 2016 is forbidden in Ukraine, because he is the author of two volumes of “history of the Russian state”, which actively used the term “little Russia”. Boris Akunin is very ambiguous attitude to the ban on import to Ukraine of his books: “the Prohibition of books, any books – obscurantism, but Ukraine is not my country, and when local government agencies behave like an idiot, is the problem of Ukrainians”.

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