Sales in Pachuca restaurants fall due to the increase in covid infections

Sales in Pachuca restaurants fall due to the increase in covid infections

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Sales in Pachuca restaurants fall due to the increase in covid infections

Elizabeth hernandez

Pachuca / 08.21.2021 14:14:50

Behind the advance of the pandemic in Hidalgo and the increase in active cases of covid-19 and its different variants, the state government will implement new biosecurity measures that will affect businesses and businesses in Hidalgo, especially restaurants that stop receiving sales of up to 10 percent, compared to previous monthss, this after the announcement of restrictions.

This was reported Carlos Mendez Tejada, president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (Canirac) in the entity, who indicated that the businesses that make up the sector have strictly aligned themselves with biosafety measures to prevent these sites from being contagious points.

“Once the news and the numbers in question of the pandemic are released, it hits us between 10 or 15 percent in revenues, then it is what we bring down after the recent announcement of the new restrictions that will be published in the Official Newspaper of the State of Hidalgo (POEH).

“We have launched several statements in which from the beginning we state that restaurants are not sources of contagion, since all have aligned themselves on the issues of biosafety protocols, in addition to that we were trying to make promotions and some discounts to everyone who arrived vaccinated, then we continue working so that citizens notice the work that we have been doing in the industry, “said the business leader.

Despite this situation faced by one of the unions that make up the productive sector of the state, Tejeda Méndez indicated that they have tried to maintain jobs and in many cases, they have hired more personnel to contribute to the economic recovery.

“This is how the cases of unemployment have remained, there has been no increase in unemployment, the issue of formal employment has been gradual, rising little by little, and we hope that the trend continues to rise.

“They have not reported significant increases in this area, but we continue working for it; the issue of biosafety is involved in the collaborators because practically they are the ones who implement the protocols and that part has been taken care of,” he insisted.

He also indicated that the open dialogue with the health authorities continues and the issue of epidemiological risk traffic light, which this Friday changed to red, “People do not go out to consume in any store, so it is affecting our income.

“The issue of summer vacations is nothing compared to what it was before the pandemic, so there is havoc, reducing income in the productive sector and especially in the restaurant industry,” he said.

Even so, he indicated that During this holiday period, greater mobility was appreciated in Magical Towns and tourist sites, “Although Pachuca continues without rebounding and reported a 5 percent drop in visitors, while the most visited sites in the state had a 15 percent rebound,” he concluded.