Samsung launches Galaxy Z Fold 3, its new folding phone

Samsung launches Galaxy Z Fold 3, its new folding phone

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Samsung launches Galaxy Z Fold 3, its new folding phone

A few hours from a new virtual event Samsung Unpacked 2021, the South Korean brand has everything ready to show the world its main technological products. However, the usual leaks revealed the characteristics and design of the show’s star: the third version of hisfolding cell phone Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Following the latest announcements from the world’s leading cell phone manufacturer –Galaxy S21, A52 and A72-, the company will announce from 11 in Argentina their next innovations in folding screen equipment.

The first one to share the images of the folding cell phone that comes to replace the 2020 model was the Giznext site. There not only could be seen the complete phone from virtually every angle, with a notably higher quality than in previous leaks, as well as the final specifications officers of the same.

The image of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 that was published by the Giznext website.

The obligatory reference, according to reports and recent statements from the firm’s environment, is to S Pen stylus holder in the world of folding cell phones (“foldable”), as it already happened at the beginning of the year when it was introduced in the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

This time, the S Pen will be stored in a slot located on the hinge of the phone, which although it will make it impossible to place the device in a horizontal position, probably slightly improve grip when used with one hand and the pen itself.

Samsung launches Galaxy Z Fold 3, its new folding phone

Meanwhile, the filrador Evan blass (@eveleaks) went for more details. The “nightmare” for cell phone manufacturers before each special event showed in a series of tweets the first images of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, a new version of wireless headphones Galaxy Buds and the smartwach Galaxy Watch 4.

Blass shared an image in which you can see the Galaxy Z Fold 3 With a case and an S-Pen, one more piece of information that reinforces Samsung’s idea to use the same formula as the Galaxy S21 Ultra in its new foldable.

In another message the new version of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 with an aesthetic that, while maintaining the format and – in part – the lines of the previous generation, also introduces major changes in the design.

The first thing that stands out when comparing it to its predecessor is the new dual-tone finish, which in this case combines gold and black, and the larger external screen.

Samsung announced the Unpacked 2021

In a post on the official blog, the CEO of Samsung TM Roth explained in the preview of the virtual event that the “third generation of folding devices will open new and incredible multitasking capabilities and a longer battery life for more people around the world.”

He added: “Instead of revealing a new Galaxy NoteThis time we will bring its beloved features to more Galaxy devices. “

From the point of view of productivity and business users, typically the reference audience for the Note series, Samsung collaborated with Google “To enrich foldable ecosystems with popular apps and services,” said Roh.

Especially for the Z Fold 3, the smartphone that opens like a book, Samsung worked with Google to optimize video calls on Duo and with Microsoft for multitasking with Microsoft Teams

For the Samsung Unpacked 2021 the launch of l2nd generation Galaxy Z Flip, the folding cell phone that, for marketing reasons, will be called Galaxy Z Flip 3.