Sara Sampaio – 28: top 5 secrets of “angelic” beauty Portuguese supermodel

Саре Сампайо – 28: топ-5 секретов "ангельской" красоты португальской супермодели

Known worldwide model, which has repeatedly been recognized as one of the best in Portugal, today, July 21, celebrates his 28th birthday. As Sara Sampaio, who was just a girl from a small Portuguese town has become an “angel” of Victoria’s Secret and earn international recognition, and also what methods it uses to maintain its beauty – read on.

Beautiful Portuguese is very closely related to the beauty industry, despite the fact that a large part of her life is a catwalk shows and photoshoots. After his stunning career path of a 16-year-old Sara Sampaio with a small province of leça da Palmeira started with the collaboration with Pantene.

Despite the fact that my parents were against modeling career of their daughter, she took part in the competition, where he won and thus made his way to future success. Beauty contest beauty Cabelos Pantene from Procter & Gamble came to her door in a completely different world. World of which she dreamed.

Саре Сампайо – 28: топ-5 секретов "ангельской" красоты португальской супермодели

Sara Sampaio at the competition in 16 years and later in advertising Pantene shampoo / Collage: LifeStyle 24

The reward for winning for the girls was the contract under which she was to star in a shampoo. With this cooperation began her career. After that she received many suggestions for shooting in advertising campaigns and photo shoots. By the way, many associate Sara Sampaio only as the girl with the Axe Effect advertisement.

Саре Сампайо – 28: топ-5 секретов "ангельской" красоты португальской супермодели

Sara Sampaio in advertising Axe Effect in 2011 / Flickr Photos

In 2011 at the age of 20 she first appeared on the pages of gloss with world famous names like Elle, Vogue and Marie Claire. Year debuts in magazines ended for Sara’s cooperation with famous brand Armani. However, the invitation to enter the podium of the Portuguese brunette with growth of 173 centimeters and has not received.

In 2012 Sara Sampaio signed a cooperation agreement with the underwear brand Calzedonia. She starred for advertising swimsuits on the beaches of Greece and Jamaica, then left the face of the brand for a few years.

However, debut and magical release of Sarah Sampaio on the scene took place. In 2013, on her slender shoulders wore the legendary “wings” of the brand Victoria’s Secret in the form of vivid detail and trusted to conquer the podium in the most popular underwear in the world. She managed to win the hearts of the audience and the representatives of the brand, so in 2015 cute Portuguese received the title cult of the “angel”, which is a dream almost all highly paid models of the world.

Саре Сампайо – 28: топ-5 секретов "ангельской" красоты португальской супермодели

The first output of the Sarah Sampaio on the runway of Victoria’s Secret / Photo Baltimoresun

After that, the requests for cooperation and invitations to screenings in Sara Sampaio has increased several times. In 2017 she was recognized as one of the most popular models of Victoria’s Secret and this showed only that time she will be even less. However, in each interview, the star of the catwalks recognized that, despite the busy schedule, time to care and favorite routines she selects always. So, what are the main rules uses the 28-year-old Sara Sampaio – read on for the LifeStyle 24.

1. For anybody not a secret that one of the factors a bold appearance on the runway is the perfect hairstyle. Therefore, hair models almost daily suffer from cosmetic products with aperfectly composition and pilings that harm the health of hair. Therefore, according to Sara Sampaio, caring for your beautiful black, thick hair, she puts on the first place, but does not overload them with unnecessary procedures.

My hair always requires only two things: a good haircut and a good conditioner. I just don’t have time for the procedure. I work almost every day, so the hair accumulates a lot of styling. What I hate the most is to go to bed without washing your head. The surplus products are absorbed by the skin and lead to rashes, so I always remove them with shampoo. If you’re lazy like me, just apply on the hair roots dry shampoo and make untidy ponytail,
– admitted to the Portuguese model.

Саре Сампайо – 28: топ-5 секретов "ангельской" красоты португальской супермодели

Sara Sampaio / Instagram / @sarasampaio

2. The next step in beauty care is massage. According to the model, this is a good way to stop thinking about something and allow your body to relax, thereby returning it to the tone.

“I often go for a massage. I’m the type of people who are often in stressful situations, so from time to time feel the tension in the body. That’s why massage is my salvation. People mistakenly believe that a procedure that relaxes. No, it’s pretty painful. But, in the end, after the massage, you get a new body, and that’s worth a little patience” – recommends 28-year-old Sara Sampaio.

3. The model, whose face most of the day suffering from a ton of makeup, recommends not to neglect skin care. Who, if not to tell her about how it is important to cleanse it.

Definitely in the summer I often moisturize the skin. It should be given more time and in the winter, but I’m just lazy. In addition, in the hot season I actively use sunscreen. And I advise you not to ignore this wonderful tool
– said during one interview Sara Sampaio.

Саре Сампайо – 28: топ-5 секретов "ангельской" красоты португальской супермодели

Sara Sampaio / Instagram / @sarasampaio

It is worth noting, despite the fact that the model grew up in a Sunny country, she fears striking rays of the sun, particularly as they negatively affect the fair skin. A 28-year-old Sarah, who is the owner of dark hair colors, is one of the few beauties, who got the aristocratic color of the skin.

4. Of course, like every model, which limits itself to food and trying to push my body to the ideal, Sara Sampaio recommends to choose a sport for everyone. This will help to spend time with pleasure and benefit for your figure and health. In an interview for Vogue, the Portuguese said that she is keen on surfing.

I don’t consider myself a master of surfing, I just stand on a large Board and cut the waves I ride quite ordinary. In this sport the main practice, and, of course, to the pleasure of skiing. What’s important when you’re surfing, involves the whole body. Rowing, perhaps the most difficult, your arms and shoulders are sore the next day. But still, all the muscles involved. When rowing – upper body in shape when you get up on a surf – legs
– talked about his hobby Sara Sampaio.

Саре Сампайо – 28: топ-5 секретов "ангельской" красоты португальской супермодели

Sara Sampaio / Instagram / @sarasampaio

5. And the last item on the Portuguese model said that the secret of her “angel” in the literal and figurative meaning of beauty lies in the experiments. She admits that she likes to be diverse – and this is its highlight. She is not afraid to be different than when she was told that she looked great. According to Sarah, change is the best manifestation of beauty.

What I love about the red carpet – it’s experimentation with the appearance. You can radically change your image. For a long time I believed that it is better to choose a perfectly smooth and straight hair parted down the middle, and then entered into the taste and began to try different styles. Soft waves, a high pony tail or something more dramatic – a lot of options,
– said the Portuguese.

Therefore, despite the 28-year-old Sara Sampaio and given her advice, I want to cut hair, find your favorite sport and be sure to clean the face of makeup, because, according to the model, our body and face is what will stay with us until the end of life.

Саре Сампайо – 28: топ-5 секретов "ангельской" красоты португальской супермодели

Sara Sampaio / Collage: LifeStyle 24

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