Sarri relaunches the difficult-to-manage CR7 theme.  And Ronaldo “replies” in black and white

Sarri relaunches the difficult-to-manage CR7 theme. And Ronaldo “replies” in black and white

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Sarri relaunches the difficult-to-manage CR7 theme.  And Ronaldo “replies” in black and white

The Lazio coach talks about his experience at Juve with the Portuguese, who in the meantime returns to post and spread clues to the future. Waiting for the summit between his agent and the Juventus club

“A management that is not simple, but Ronaldo is a multinational: he has personal interests that must be combined with the interests of the team”: this is how Maurizio Sarri went back to talking (also) about Juve and CR7 in a long interview with Sportitalia, opening one a glimpse of a known reality but rarely the subject of declarations and complex management, both on and off the pitch.

On the subject, the ball has returned to Allegri’s hands, two years later. In the absence of recent declarations by the old-new Juventus coach, the memory goes back to the ’18-19 season: for Ronaldo it was the first at Juve, for Allegri the last of his first was Juventus. It ended with the elimination from the Champions League in the quarter by Ajax and a bad gesture by CR7, probably motivated by the disappointment of the evening. Only one episode, in a relationship also made of mutual esteem and respect, so much so that the Portuguese was described among the most sorry players for the divorce between Allegri and Juve. A regret then probably exacerbated by the subsequent lack of feeling with Sarri.

Double company

Returning to the words of the new Lazio coach on Ronaldo: “It is a difficult situation to manage – continued Sarri -, I honestly think I am much better at being a coach than a manager. I have much more fun on the pitch. there are also many positive aspects, Ronaldo brings the numbers at the end of the year. When a boy reaches these levels it is clear that he represents something that can go beyond society and the team “. It is the concept of Ronaldo-company within the Juventus-company: a dimension, that of the Portuguese, which is independent of the field and its performance or its usefulness to the team but which must be managed in a game of delicate balances that Sarri he had not been able to find and that now Allegri’s Juve is about to compose again.

Juve-Mendes match

Waiting for a meeting with the player’s agent, Jorge Mendes, which could take place as early as this week, and in the knowledge that neither Ronaldo nor his entourage has received any sign of departure, in case only conceivable by the player given that his contract expires in 2022. Indeed, if you want to look at the clues, from Ronaldo’s Instagram profile comes a fresh story of him photographed in black and white (just a case ?!) while smiling relaxed and a little sly, sitting in a garden with a cup in hand. In the feed there is also a color photo – same subject and same set – which portrays him thoughtfully. How to say, from reflection to decision? Who knows, maybe it’s just a summer game, just to tease the fans and keep the suspense about its future high. Juve, for its part, has already expressed itself: it takes for granted that Ronaldo will honor the contract year that still binds him to the club, and awaits him to retire at Continassa at the end of his holidays. As for the hypothesis of renewal advanced by Mendes, nothing has leaked after the words of President Agnelli (“We are in the phase of completing the pool of banks that will follow us and then all the assessments on the risks associated with the activity will be made. Ronaldo has been a first operation that involved several areas. To date it presents a npv – the net present value, ed – positive, net of Covid. We will start from there and make all the evaluations “), but a negotiation that leads to postpone the huge costs that will still affect the Juventus balance sheet in the season that has just begun.

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