School principal scolded student who corrected Putin’s mistake

School principal scolded student who corrected Putin’s mistake

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School principal scolded student who corrected Putin’s mistake

The director of school number 35 in Vorkuta, Yulia Ryabtseva, called the act of a student Nikanor Tolstykh, who noticed the slip of the Russian President Vladimir Putin about the Northern War, as youthful insolence.

“Probably, this is a combination of youth, when there is still a lack of communication with people occupying a position in society, and healthy ambitions, which allowed Nikanor to achieve certain results,” she said in an interview with the publication “Rise“.

According to the director, a young man should have modesty so as not to correct Vladimir Vladimirovich, among other things.

Ryabtseva added that she is sincerely proud of the student. According to her, Nikanor is a good student who takes an active civic position.

On September 1, Nikanor Tolstykh, a schoolboy from Vorkuta, reacted to the Russian president’s slip of the tongue at an open lesson as part of the Knowledge Society marathon at the Ocean Children’s Center in Vladivostok.

While discussing the country’s history, Putin described the war waged by Peter I against Sweden Seven years old. The teenager clarified that we are talking about the Northern War of 1700-1721. The Russian leader thanked the boy for his remark.

During the same meeting, Putin spoke about a child’s dream come true to serve the Fatherland. According to the head of state, as a child, he thought about the profession of a sailor, pilot or intelligence officer. In addition, Putin told the students of the Okean children’s center what qualities a true friend should have.