Schoolyard bullies have thrown in the face of the student tuna and told him to eat grass because he’s a vegan

Школьные хулиганы кинули в лицо ученика тунец и сказали ему есть траву, потому что тот веганSchoolyard bullies have thrown in the face of the student tuna and told him to eat grass because he’s a vegan Author: Katerina Moskalets veganism Britain disorderly conduct

Hooligans thrown in the face of the student-vegan tuna and told him to eat grass.

According to parents, their son, 11-year-old Jack Shanahan, faced bullying from classmates, because he does not eat animal products.

His father Lee Hales said that at school with his son is treated like he is the problem. On capture men, Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School in Acocks green (United Kingdom) decided to isolate Jack.

Children are children, we understand that, but they can also be cruel, Lee said. — But honestly, I’m shocked at how the school copes with the situation“.

Lee and his wife Helen Shanahan have become vegan and they have a qualified 3 level in nutrition and personal training. Mother and father emphasize that, Jack, and their two children — 17-year-old daughter Lorraine and their 15-year-old eldest son Jack are vegan by choice.

We never impose their views of children, says Lee. — What they want to do and who they want to be, it was always their decision“.

According to father, this week between Jack and other children in the school had a quarrel. He claims that his son broke down after being teased and told to eat grass. In response Jack warned them that they risk getting cancer. Then the teacher gave him the reprimand.

Parents argue that their son now pretends to be sick, to just not go to school, and it’s been three months.

This is a very serious question, and I personally believe that school should be ashamed. To say I am angry is to say nothing, – said Lee. — Unfortunately, this is something that vegans face in society“.

The representative of the Bishop Ilsley School commented:

“Any allegations of bullying are taken seriously and we have robust procedures to resolve any problems. We will not and cannot comment on individual cases”.

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