Schurter won the SP in Lenzerheide and broke away from Absalon, Cink was tenth

Schurter won the SP in Lenzerheide and broke away from Absalon, Cink was tenth

Schurter won the SP in Lenzerheide and broke away from Absalon, Zinc was ten

Illustrative photo – Race of the Mountain Bike World Cup in cross country, elite men, May 21 in Nové Město, Moravia. The winner is Nino Schurter from Switzerland.

Lenzerheide (Switzerland) – Swiss biker Nino Schurter took a record 34th World Cup cross country victory at home in Lenzerheide. Until now, he shared the first place with the Frenchman Julien Absalon, since last April, but today he surpassed his record after a superb ride. Ondřej Cink rounded out the top ten.

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The 37-year-old reigning world champion Schurter won his first cup triumph in April 2010, until today, last year in Brazil in April, where he equaled Absalon's record. Last year in Lenzerheide, his attack on the record was ruined shortly before the finish line by a collision with national team colleague Mathias Flückiger.

Since last July, Schurter has been waiting for a historic moment, a month ago at the start of the series in Nové Město in Moravia, he finished third. “There couldn't be a better place in the world than here,” said the eight-time WC overall champion and ten-time world champion in a televised interview, thanking the home crowd for their tumultuous support.

In the historical ranking, Jaroslav Kulhavý is seventh with nine cup wins. His successor in the role of Czech number one, Cink, missed the May New Town race in the Vysočina Arena due to illness. In Switzerland, he finished in tenth place, losing one minute and 50 seconds to Schurter.

The women's race was won in Lenzerheide, just like last year's reigning European champion, Loana Lecomte from France. Jitka Čábelická was forty-seven. The series will continue in one week in Leogang, Austria.

Results of the WC on mountain bikes in Lenzerheide (Switzerland) – cross country:

Men: 1. Schurter (Switzerland) 1:24:04, 2. Hatherly (JAR) -15, 3. Sarrou, 4. Griot (both Fr.) both -16, 5. Valero (Sp.) -40, 6. Braidot ( It.) -55, …10. Zinc -1:50, 54. Vastl -5:56, 80. Průdek (all Czech Republic) -9:26.

Progressive order of the SP (after 2 of 8 races): 1. Schurter 475, 2. Sarrou 410, 3. Griot 336, 4. Pidcock (Brit.) 330, 5. Hatherly 328, 6. Dubau (Fr.) 289, …27. Zinc 119, 72. Vastl 14.

Women: 1. Lecomte (Fr.) 1:24:41, 2. Terpstra (Netherlands) -18, 3. Keller (Switzerland) -32, 4. Ferrandová Prévotová (Fr.) -39, 5. Pieterse (Netherlands) – 54, 6. Richards (Brit.) -1:18, …47. Čabelická -8:54, 78. Czeczinkarová (both Czech Republic) – 2 rounds.

Current standings of the WC (after 2 out of 8 races): 1. Pieterseová 466, 2. Lecomteová 457, 3. Ferrandová Prévotová 440, … 33. Čabelická 92.