Scientists have refuted the popular myth about coffee

Ученые опровергли популярный миф о кофе

Previously it was believed that daily consumption of coffee increases the chances of a person to protect yourself from developing cancer. Scientists from Australia have denied the allegation.

According to the results of research scientists from the Medical research Institute QIMR Berghofer, coffee does not affect either the absence of tumors, nor on their development.

Scientists have processed the data 46 thousand patients who were diagnosed with cancer, including 7 thousand of people who died from the disease. Based on the results obtained, they concluded that earlier coffee was attributed to inherent “anti-cancer” properties. Moreover, she said that people who have a dependence on coffee, get sick more often colorectal cancer (colon cancer – Health 24).

Although there is research data to reduce the likelihood of developing colorectal cancer because of drinking coffee, people with a genetic predisposition to love to drink are more likely to suffer from this disease
– the study says.

Ученые опровергли популярный миф о кофе

Coffee has not only useful properties

What are prriznaki that coffee is harmful to your body:

Abdominal pain

Some compounds of coffee activates the production of gastric juice, which is bad for the state of the mucosa. Abdominal pain is one of the signs that coffee drinking you are not going to benefit. In addition, the drink is often the cause of gastritis and peptic ulcer diseases. Also from caffeine occur spasms of the abdominal muscles and the lower abdomen can turn and disturb severe pain.

Uskorenie heartbeat

This is another sign of the harm of coffee to the body. It must pay attention and stop to drink coffee, or else in the heart can cause serious failures.


It is known that coffee invigorates and tones. But it can also harm the body – for example, in the case of hypersensitivity to caffeine or the abuse of coffee. Here, you should either reduce the dose or stop drinking altogether (at least temporarily).


Basically, this negative effect of coffee drinking is associated with the habit of drinking it in large numbers, and also to ignore the use of the daily requirement of water necessary for coffee lovers. But headaches can also be a feeling of fatigue and lack of energy.

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