Seat and unions agree to an ERTE that will affect up to 1,276 people a day

Seat and unions agree to an ERTE that will affect up to 1,276 people a day

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Seat and unions agree to an ERTE that will affect up to 1,276 people a day

Seat robot that allows lifting up to 400 kilos.FERRAN NADEU – SEAT / Europa Press

The SEAT management and the union representatives have reached an agreement on the temporary employment regulation file (ERTE) raised by the company, which will come into effect on September 27 and will last until June 30, 2022. The impact Maximum daily ERTE will be between 482 and 1,276 workers at its plants in Catalonia. Company sources consulted by Europa Press have explained that the measure seeks to make production more flexible due to the shortage in the global supply of semiconductors that affects the entire automotive industry. At the main plant, the Martorell factory (Barcelona), the daily impact will be between 322 and 1,076 people. The temporary reduction of employment will be covered in the first place with volunteers.

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Both parties have agreed on a social plan whereby the company will improve the unemployment benefit for those affected by the ERTE and will offer the possibility of training, for example in electric vehicles, maintaining 100% of the remuneration. They have also agreed that those over 55 years of age and employees who have not generated the right to unemployment benefit will be excluded from the ERTE.

In line 1 of the Martorell plant, the company will reduce half a production shift, from 2.5 to 2 daily shifts; in line 2, it will depend on the availability of semiconductors and the production will be 3 shifts, 2.5 shifts or 2 shifts; while line 3 will operate normally, with a production shift. The demand for Seat and Cupra models is currently at pre-COVID levels, so the agreed ERTE “will allow the manufacture of the maximum possible number of vehicles” according to the availability of semiconductors, in order to respond to the high demand, the aforementioned sources have explained. .

Second ERTE

In mid-January, Seat and the UGT and CC OO unions agreed to apply an ERTE of a maximum of 550 workers per day – 400 at the Martorell plant and 150 at the Zona Franca plant (both in Barcelona) – . The measure was in force between January 18 and June 30 and was justified by the lack of supply of semiconductors. The company had to stop its activity in Martorell due to the shortage of semiconductors on June 25, 28 and 29, as well as July 19 and 20.

This time, the move comes after the automaker had to close the Martorell plant three days in early September (Monday the 6th, Tuesday the 7th and Friday the 10th) due to global supply shortages. Generally, Seat for its production four weeks in August, but this year the supply problems due to the semiconductor crisis led to the approval that line 2, which manufactures the León and Formentor models, would enable two daily shifts that month. Line 1 also worked exceptionally for one week at the end of August.