Sebastián Salazar on criticism for driving Cuarto Poder: “They want a superstar”

Sebastián Salazar on criticism for driving Cuarto Poder: “They want a superstar”

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Sebastián Salazar on criticism for driving Cuarto Poder: “They want a superstar”

Sebastián Salazar assumed the leadership of Cuarto Poder last Sunday, July 4, after the surprise departure of Mávila Huertas, and generated all the reactions.

The entrance of the young presenter was not to the liking of many, since in social networks they criticized him and hinted that his hiring was due to the influence of his father Federico Salazar.

Given this, Sebastián Salazar was encouraged to respond to the criticism of his performance for hosting the most important Sunday program on América Televisión. The philosopher and economist by profession pointed out that the comments made against him do not affect him, since he is aware that the viewer will always seek the best.

“(The critics) I’ve taken it in the best possible wayIn the sense that people who criticize or disagree with certain decisions do so because they want the best for the program. They want a superstar, like a Messi and that is why they disagree with this or that decision, but I like it because it means there is room to move forward. Criticism fuels me to move forward, ”he told Trome.

What’s more, Sebastian Salazar revealed that Federico Salazar was completely surprised when he told him that he had been hired to lead Fourth Estate.

I remember that when I told my dad he was shocked and stunned. I imagine that due to the fact that it was her son they didn’t even tell herWhat I know is that he had not the slightest idea (that he was going to take over driving) and he was shocked when I told him, ”he added.

Despite the criticism, Fourth power has led in tune and Sebastian Salazar knows that everything is due to teamwork.

“Although I drive … I want to highlight the intense work that the production does all week, mainly the reporters that bring us compelling and entertaining stories. His work has allowed Fourth power has remained the best Sunday, it is a team effort. The rating is a statistical point, I like the idea that we have won and it is nice, but at the same time it means that there are points where we can improve and advance. I like to improve day by day, I hope to be better this weekend and for that there is constant communication with the whole team ”, he commented.

Sebastián Salazar quoted the famous phrase from ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe

The new conductor of Cuarto Poder appeared before the cameras of the Sunday program with a speech that sought to regain the confidence of viewers. The young journalist indicated that due to current politics, the format of the television space had to change; However, he was surprised when he joined the fever produced by former soccer player Luis Guadalupe with his famous phrase from 2011.

Although 10 years have passed since those words, the participation of the Peruvian team in the Copa América served to remember this phrase, which was used by the son of Federico Salazar. “In the end, faith is the most beautiful thing in life,” he said.

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