Secularism of State: François Legault holds out a hand to other parties

Laïcité de l’État: François Legault tend la main aux autres partis

Photo: Adrian Wyld, The canadian Press
François Legault wants to have a consensus between the CAQ and the PQ on the question of the secularity of the State.

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Marco Bélair-Cirino

in Gatineau

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The prime minister François Legault is seeking the support of opposition parties to the draft law on the secularity of the State. It does not, however, a condition of the use of the notwithstanding clause to which it will “if necessary” to protect them from legal challenges and a possible ban on the wearing of religious symbols.

The support shown by the electorate to the Coalition avenir Québec, on October 1, is sufficient to go forward, according to him. “Ideally, I would like to have the support of other parties, but if this is impossible, we will adopt the draft law,” he said within a week of the resumption of the work of the national Assembly. “It is a very clear commitment to the CAQ. “

Mr. Legault has charged the author of the draft law on the secularity of the State, Simon Jolin-Barrette, to meet with the parliamentary chief of the Parti québécois, Pascal Bérubé, in order to attempt to reach a consensus CAQ-PQ on the application of a prohibition of religious signs in government employees in a position of authority, that is to say, the police, prosecutors, prison guards, judges and teachers.

Waited for the start of the session, the draft law on the secularity of the State will give rise to a lively debate, anticipates Mr. Legault. Even if the government enjoys a clear majority in the national Assembly, ” it will not pass as a letter in the mail “, he launched to the press.

The government Legault should not, however, to face opposition aggressive, Québec solidaire (QS) in this folder.

In effect, the position of solidarity on this issue is uncertain. Traditionally, they advocated the approach of Bouchard-Taylor (religious signs banned only for police officers, judges, prosecutors and prison guards) or the members of the party are divided and want to discuss at the next national council in march. By then, the co-head of Manon Massé especially wants to defend the “jobs” of the teachers referred to. “Why invent a debate where there isn’t ? We want not the world will lose their jobs “, she repeated in the margin of the last meeting of his caucus before the resumption of parliament.

On Thursday, it will be the turn of liberal members of parliament to discuss the issue at their caucus in the Parliament. At the time of the government Couillard, training tolerated the wearing of religious symbols by employees of the State.

The question of acquired rights

Furthermore, the position of the current government will have is not yet clear, then, that the inclusion of a clause of right acquired is the subject of a debate within the parliamentary group of the CAQ, which is gathered in Gatineau for two days.

The minister of Forests, Wildlife, and Parks, Pierre Dufour, urged his colleagues to ” be careful with it.” The member for Iberville, Claire Samson, has expressed openly his opposition to a “grandfather clause” even if it would allow, for example, to the ‘ wearing a hijab to remain in position in an elementary or secondary school of the public network. “You say that every time we make a law, there’s a dream somewhere that is broken “, she dropped into an impromptu press on Wednesday morning.

Mr. Legault has said that it reserves the right to decide the final wording of the bill, including the inclusion — or not — of a right granted in the bill to come. “I’m going to listen to the caucus, and then I’ll decide “, he warned. “In the population, there are arguments for, arguments against. I’ve already said : to me, a priori, to dismiss someone, it is not with pleasure that I’d do that. However, do we want to create a species of “grandfather clauses ” orphans”, where there would be different rights depending on the date of entry of the people ? There is no black or white in there. It will surely be a big topic at the caucus. “

It has been argued that the CAQ has already shown to “compromise” by restricting the scope of the prohibition of wearing religious symbols at “five groups of employees” and not to ” all employees “. Besides, the head of the government has reiterated its intention not to submit the private schools subsidized by the québec government to this requirement, noting that many of them have lasting relationships with ” certain religions “. “We delineated a square of sand. We have not included schools. Is it that we should include ? It is questionable, ” he said.

“I understand that some people are racist and that they would like to ban all religious signs in Quebec. This is not the case. We have chosen a compromise. “


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