Select one owl and listen to its wise Council

Выберите одну сову и прислушайтесь к ее мудрому совету

Select the owl, which attracts more of your attention (listen to the voice of your intuition), and find out her wise advice, which she had prepared specially for you.

Выберите одну сову и прислушайтесь к ее мудрому совету

If you choose to…

1. Owl Of Hope

The owl tells you that your greatest dreams are close to becoming a reality. You are the architect of your life and destiny and that there is always a reward for those who go through life with courage, love and devotion.

It is possible that at some point in life, not everything goes the way you imagined, but most importantly never lose faith in success. If you fall, get up and try again, because faith and hope is the key to true success.

2. Owl Prosperity

This wise owl tells you that every sleepless night, every early morning and all the efforts that you have made to achieve their dream, will soon bear fruit. All you have done, all the difficulties that you overcame, were small but great achievements on the way to your dream.

Your message today: Continue to work hard and fill your life with faith in the prosperity, because your reward will soon find you, everything that you would expect, will soon be realized.

3. The Owl Of Peace

Remember that the darkest moment of night is what gives way to a new dawn. Regardless of the circumstances, never give up, don’t lose the willpower and desire to move forward, overcoming obstacles that you may encounter on your way.

Remember that without a fight there is no triumph so you should always persevere in what you want to achieve. Perhaps you do a lot of work, but very soon in your life will calm and you will be able to reap the rewards of all their efforts and dedication.

Continue to live with faith and peace of mind, because the best is yet to come.

4. Owl Power

This owl reminds you that you are wonderful. You have achieved in your life and that your strength and your willpower will allow you to achieve your greatest desires. Sometimes you can feel that a lot of working, you do not notice any progress in achieving goals. You just have to remember that each of your actions is what later will bear fruit, and that all takes time.

Your message: Stay strong and happy. Live each day with a smile and try your best because if you will do your best, life will always give you the best of what she has.

5. Owl Happiness

This owl is excited to remind you that everything you do with a smile on my face, will be a success. Remember that the solar day depends more on your attitude than from the sun, so each new day with confidence and confirms that this day will be the best day of your life.

Live with faith and optimism, and then it will be noticeable in everything you do. And if there’s a storm, don’t let her drag you to him, better he charge the world with your joy and your optimism.

Remember: Happiness is the meaning of your existence, because you are happy and cheerful person.

6. Owl Dreams

This owl reminds you that success is the result of hard work on the way to your dream. Life is always on the side of the dreamers, so never stop dreaming. What you vividly imagine and what you work enthusiastically, very soon materializes in your real world. All your illusion, all your plans, and what you’ve been waiting for, will come true.

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