Senator: China, like Russia, violates international rules

Senator: China, like Russia, violates international rules

Senator: Like Russia, China violates international rules

Chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee Pavel Fischer, January 18, 2023.

Prague – According to the chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, Pavel Fischer, China, like Russia, grossly violates the rules of international cooperation. The One China policy does not mean repeating the positions of the leadership of the Chinese Communists, Fischer said today at a conference in the Senate. In his greeting to the conference participants, President Petr Pavel said that China cannot resolve disputes with Taiwan, which it considers a breakaway province, by force. According to the speaker of the House of Representatives, Markéta Pekarová Adamová, democratic countries must make it clear that the forcible occupation of Taiwan by China would be unacceptable.

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“The essential meaning of our one-China policy is to preserve peace and resist attempts to resolve disputed issues with military force,” Pavel wrote in a toast, which was read at the conference by its moderator Kateřina Procházková from the organizing Sinopsis project. According to the president, it is in the interest of the Czech Republic to maintain peace in a strategically important area closely integrated into the world economy. According to the president, the Czech one-China policy takes into account the positions of the Chinese leadership without identifying with all of them. “As a sovereign state, we reserve the right to maintain relations with foreign partners of our choice without the interference of third parties,” said Pavel.

The speaker of the House of Representatives, through her adviser on foreign affairs, Zdeňka Beránek, said that she is going to visit Taiwan at the end of the month and express her support at a time of intensifying global competition. Among other things, the goal is for the trip to become an inspiration for other democratic partners. “Revisionist powers would like to use force to change the situation in the region, changing the status quo through force is unacceptable,” said Beránek.

Fischer said that China, like Russia, is an actor in gross violations of the rules of international cooperation. “Threatening to use force against another country is a violation of the UN Charter,” Fischer said, pointing to Russia's invasion of Ukraine and China's threats to Taiwan. According to the senator, it is important that the discussion does not get “into the straitjacket of commercial interests”. However, according to him, the policy of one China does not mean spreading ideological lessons and prohibitions from Beijing. “The Politburo of the Communist Party cannot know what is good for us,” Fischer pointed out.

The senator recalled that China concluded an agreement on borderless partnership with Russia shortly before its invasion of Ukraine last February. It has become an accomplice in the most serious crisis that threatens global security, because it did not protest Russia's aggression in any significant way, Fischer said. According to him, Russia has misused gas and oil supplies as a weapon against the West, and not only by the naval blockade in the Black Sea, it has swayed prices on world food markets. According to the senator, China blocked the Taiwan Strait, organized a trade blockade of this country, and through the mouth of the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party repeatedly threatened to annex Taiwan by force.