Senators demand investigation of the role of China in the outbreak of coronavirus

Senators demand investigation of the role of China in the outbreak of coronavirus Author: Alexander Bugaev Two senators demanding an investigation of the role of China in the outbreak of coronavirus Photo: Kliche COVID-19 ibuprofen China Coronavirus US news Сенаторы требуют расследования роли Китая в вспышке коронавируса

Senators Josh Hawley and Tom cotton urged the Communist party of China is held accountable for its role in the outbreak of coronavirus, which resulted in the deaths of thousands of people and the global economic crisis.

Josh Hawley

Speaking on Fox News Tuesday night, Hawley called for an “internal investigation” of the acts or omissions of China prior to and during the crisis caused by Covid-19.

“We need international investigation to show the world that the pandemic began in the Chinese city of Wuhan at the time, as the Chinese government lied about it. They imprison doctors who tried to warn the world community. Such decisions cost the world thousands of lives and billions of dollars, said Hawley. – And here’s another thing – they must offset some of the costs associated with the pandemic.”

Senator Hawley for interviews repeated that, as soon as the US “will recover” after the pandemic, China should be held accountable for its role in this outbreak.

A Republican from Missouri also announced Tuesday on Twitter that he would give “a resolution calling for a full investigation of the lies and actions of the Communist party of China that killed thousands of his own people and turned COVID19 a global pandemic”.

Hawley added that “the cost of criminal behavior Beijing should be evaluated, and they must indemnify US and the world”.

Hawley said that the U.S. government offered to send medical teams and scientists to China to help the sick and find out what exactly happened in the country. But the Chinese government refused to help.

The Senator added that the international investigation will help in the fight against state “propaganda machine” of Beijing, which, according to him, spread rumors about the involvement of the us military for a pandemic.

Tom Cotton

The Senator from Arkansas, Tom cotton on Wednesday published an article in which he is a member of the house of representatives Mike Gallagher urged the United States to deal with the dependence on Chinese medicines.

“Emergencies, such as pandemics and wars, destroying the previously reliable supply chain, as countries begin to protect themselves, said cotton. – Unfortunately, America has long been refused the opportunity to engage in basic medicine.”

The article argues that the propaganda Department of the Communist party of China have threatened that Beijing might cut off supplies of essential drugs to the United States at any time.

“Unfortunately, it’s not an empty threat, writes cotton. – The United States is dangerously dependent on pharmaceutical products that very mode of failure and concealment which led to the fact that this deadly pandemic is out of control.”

It is reported that China dominates the global market of medicines. Significant proportion of generic drugs imported by the U.S. comes from China, including 93% of ibuprofen.

Cotton called dependence on China in relation to essential medicines as”an obvious threat to national security”.

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