Septilienne Ema Landry launches her first album

Septilienne Ema Landry launches her first album

La Septilienne Ema Landry launches its first album

Singer Ema Landry is proud to present her album, “Despite the waves”.

Author-songwriter Ema Landry launched her first album with her loved ones on Saturday at Salle Jean -Marc-Dion, in Sept-Îles. Titled Despite the Waves, the folk album deals in particular with trying episodes from the Septilienne's childhood.

When I composed the song In my arms, everything fell apart. It takes a weight off, but it took that for me to be able to move forward, she says. Ema Landry notably discusses her adoption story.

Ema Landry engaged in an autograph session at the launch of her first album, “Despite the waves”.

The musical project is also intended as a letter of d' love for her hometown and the connection the artist has with the North Shore, now that she has been living in Montreal for a few years.

It's been a while that I didn't come here, but it was very important to me that the first launch was here, adds the artist.

Ema Landry said she was fulfilled and ready to begin what she calls a new chapter in her life, in the company of her family.

“I take whatever comes. We are happy with what we have done. You never know if people are going to show up, and I have confirmation that they are, so the stress is gone.

— Ema Landry, at the launch of her album, Despite the Waves

A first single for Ema Landry


A first single for Ema Landry. 6-minute audio content, ICI Première show. Listen to the audio.

To produce her album, Ema Landry notably surrounded herself with former member of the group Les Colocs Jimmy Bourgoing, Jérôme Boisvert and Ray Marcianno.

< p class="e-p">For the past three years, the artist has devoted herself to songwriting in order to release this album.

“It's been I've been trying to make this album for 20 years, so it's quite an accomplishment.

— Ema Landry, singer-songwriter

She hopes this album will allow her to take flight in the music industry to make a living from it.

Ema Landry will present songs from her album to the public on the stage of Salle Jean-Marc-Dion on Saturday evening, along with Louis-Jean Cormier, another artist from the region.

Ema Landry made her debut in the music world in 2006, when she reached the final of the Ma premiere Place des Arts and Le Tremplin de Dégelis competitions. She then released a first mini-album (EP) independently in 2015.

With information from Lambert Gagne-Coulombe