Sergio George defends Yahaira Plasencia’s playback: “What if he released 50 roosters?

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Sergio George defends Yahaira Plasencia’s playback: “What if he released 50 roosters?

In the conversation they had Yahaira Plasencia and Magaly Medina they talked about the recent presentation that the sauce boat had at the 2021 Heat Awards, which was widely commented on social networks.

Users exposed that the singer used playback during her first international show, a fact that was later confirmed by the artist herself and by her producer Sergio George.

This was one of the topics that the ATV driver touched on during the interview last Wednesday, July 14. The manager did not hesitate to defend his client and once again supported the decision not to sing live.

As he indicated, the objective was to captivate the audience with the skills of Yahaira Plasencia to deliver an entertaining and high-quality show. He also indicated that he wanted to protect the image of the Peruvian woman against any eventuality that might occur.

“This is a business and you must protect your investment. I didn’t know who the sound engineer was, I didn’t know if he was going to listen well. I wanted to project Yahaira as a ‘show woman’. It is the first time that they are seeing her in an international show. What if she lets go of 50 roosters or if she slips because she is focused on many things at the same time? It was going to happen? It is to protect the artist and taking that risk is unnecessary, “he said. Sergio George.

Despite the explanations, Magaly Medina indicated that she considers that the presentations should always be live.

“From the artist the greatest is always expected, the greatest effort because for that one stands on stage. (…) I cannot fail my audience, no matter how sick I am, no matter how insecure I feel. It’s called respect for the public ”.

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