Sergiy Prytula has told, how spends time with his son and daughter

Leading New channel has shared ideas on how to spend time with the children until all quarantined. Educational games, books and documentaries – and this is not the whole list

Сергей Притула рассказал, как проводит время с сыном и дочкой

Sergey Prytula two children – 11-year-old Dmitry and two-year-old child. Lead said New channel, as spending time with her son and daughter at home.

Carattini iz dtime not wiklich jogos discomfort, says Prytula. – On the contrary, small from General duzhe tsitsa. Vostan won from me spent strike hour, if I foot clamav (laughs). Mi gramo s her bingo, vkimo lari, skladam Lego the puzzles. In short, not Summa.

But the eldest son of the leading Dima quarantine felt in full. Always busy on different sections and courses, he could not get used to a more relaxed regime.

– S Dmitrik spochatku Bulo Troshkov skladisce, Bo nawt on kankuro, if no borrow skol, VIN is all one home chimos of sainati – explains the host of “Spirituali”. – And then webelos, scho comp utero the Academy of the walks are not possible, in a swimming pool – Ter exercise therapy (therapeutic physical training – approx.ed.) – “security-Atma”, barabani – docent, dodatkow zanyattya conducted by s Hm Ter “in the scrap”. In fact perch be called a few more days of small troch “I nakiwala” freedom from th fact scho . strike Vlingo hour.

According to Prytula, Sr., son found something to do at home. As already known, one of the main Hobbies of the family leading – books.

– Ale potim mi spalice I sporadically sodini graft, – says Sergey. – Je online-zanyattya conducted by, a samostijna opracowana skin programs include I vikonannya “damasak”. Before quarantine, I relish having bought books, half VIN vzhe reading. Barabani the home yea, that they Ter troch Seimas. And has got an hour dostatno, dwellers digitise documental flimi about aviation, lately I theme Yogo duzhe zivity.

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