Severodonetsk quarantined: how to survive the city in unusual conditions (video)

Северодонецк на карантине: как выживает город в непривычных условиях (видео)

Severodonetsk of the Luhansk region for almost a week now living under quarantine.

The city closed all shopping malls, hairdressers, bars and restaurants. Dining carry out delivery of dishes at home.

Products you can buy in supermarkets and small shops, where allowed inside for a few people. For those who wish here are free disinfectants, the staff work in masks and gloves.

Goods and products available there. Somebody’s stockpiling for the future, panicked. others try not to worry about buying products in the mode of urgent need.

Street trading is prohibited: daredevils, out on the street to trade, fines Natspolitsiya.

Work “Ukrposhta” and “Nova poshta”. They advise clients not to worry: until April 3, the parcel will be here to keep for free.

Since public transport in the city is virtually paralyzed, elderly and sick food and medication delivered by volunteers.

Learn more about how to live Severodonetsk in the conditions of the quarantine, see the story of the TRC “Donbass Online”:

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