Sex education 3 on Netflix: 5 big questions season three must answer

Sex education 3 on Netflix: 5 big questions season three must answer

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Sex education 3 on Netflix: 5 big questions season three must answer

It has been over a year since viewers had one last batch of Sex education episodes. The second installment of the show ended in a surprise twist that saw Otis leaving a voicemail to Maeve in which he proclaimed his love for her; however, it was erased by Isaac. Now, after a long wait that included a delay in production due to the ongoing pandemic, the third season of the series will arrive on Netflix this Friday, September 17.

The various updates, which have managed to keep the excitement of the fans to the surface, have told us that we will see new characters and other types of news, mainly radical changes in Moordale, especially with the arrival of the new director Hope, who promises to give back to him. the prestige of the so-called ‘School of Sex’.

While the loyal fanatic hopes to see what the chapters that are about to reach the streaming giant’s video library are about, there are some questions that have remained to be spun after the closure of the second season. In that sense, we present you five big questions that Sex education 3 must solve.

What will happen between Rahim, Eric and Adam?

At the end of the first season, Eric was proud after the school dance. In season two, his jaw dropped when he saw new student Rahim, who he basically called the most attractive person he had ever seen. The two started dating and their relationship turned into one of the sweetest romances on the show.

However, in an unexpected 180 ° turn that surprised fans, Eric ended up choosing Adam. So we remain to see if Otis’s best friend made the right choice or will regret his decision.

What will happen between Rahim, Eric and Adam? Photo: Netflix

Will Otis make it up to Maeve?

Otis and Maeve always find their way back to each other despite great obstacles and mistakes. The first season ended with the young woman looking for her schoolmate to tell him how she felt about him, but found him kissing Ola.

In season two, Otis left Maeve a voicemail explaining his love, but Isaac deleted it before she could hear it. In that sense, fans of their romance hope to see them together again, especially for a sequence in the movie. official trailer in which they are seen face to face in the rain.

Will Otis make it up to Maeve? Photo: Netflix

What will be the impact of Jean’s pregnancy?

A moment of great shock was when Jean found out that she was pregnant with Jakob, something that will mean a quite significant change in their relationship since they both broke up just before she knew about the baby.

It is possible that the subject acts reasonably compared to Otis, who by himself does not have an idyllic relationship with his mother, and now that it is discovered that he will have a brother almost 20 years younger than him could destabilize things even more, or maybe everything the opposite.

What will be the impact of Jean’s pregnancy? Photo: Netflix

Will Aimee be the same again?

Aimee had a nasty incident on the bus, which changed everything. She acted well, but then she was afraid to ride public transportation and felt vulnerable when Steve touched her. Arguably one of the best episodes of Sex education focused on her overcoming herself and being supported by her peers. But, that doesn’t answer whether she is fully prepared to move on.

Will Aimee be the same again? Photo: Netflix

Will Jackson and Viv be the new romance of the series?

Jackson Marchetti’s journey is one of the most interesting in the series. He started out as the popular kid, swimming champion, and seemingly perfect person. Over time, the layers peeled off as audiences watched Jackson fight the immense pressure being placed on him.

He got injured and tried something new to avoid swimming. An important part of her change was the bond she formed with Viv Odusanya. She started out as his tutor, but they became close friends and she was by his side during a panic attack. There were hints of romance, but audiences would be glad if they just remained friends.