‘Sextember’, Durex’s sexual health month, kicks off

‘Sextember’, Durex’s sexual health month, kicks off

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‘Sextember’, Durex’s sexual health month, kicks off

At the start “Sextember – Sexual Health Month” by Durex, a program of initiatives, which will go on until 30 September, with the aim of promote increasingly responsible and aware behaviors in the emotional and sexual sphere and offer a panel of medical and psychological services and consultations to people. To support Durex in this initiative is the Santagostino Medical Center, a network of specialist outpatient clinics, the first in Italy to experiment with a highly digitized healthcare model.

The choice made by Durex to go directly into the field with a program dedicated to sexual health comes from the fact that in Italy, despite the many awareness-raising initiatives dedicated to prevention issues, a project related to sexual health was missing. Durex thus gives substance to its commitment, combining the offer of medical and psychological services with awareness-raising and communication activities in the field of prevention and sexual health.

There are two souls of this initiative. On the one hand the educational aspect: through the distribution of dedicated kits in over 1,200 pharmacies throughout Italy and information materials in the offices and clinics of Santagostino in Lombardia, Durex wants to sensitize people to the broad concept of sexual well-being, which not only refers to the clinical aspects but which requires education in love, emotions, respect, awareness and responsibility for one’s choices. On the other hand, the clinical and psychological purpose: through the provision, free of charge, of video consultations (gynecological and obstetrics, andrological, venereological and dermatological) and video consultations (psychosexual) online by doctors and psychotherapists of the Santagostino Medical Center for the people who request it and who will need it.

A synergy is thus formed that allows Durex’s commitment to be combined with the medical-psychological experience and the capillarity of the Santagostino Center, not only referring to physical clinics but also and above all to its cutting-edge technologies that allow consultations to be carried out. digitally by offering people high quality services at affordable rates.

The choice of September as the month of sexual health is not accidental. September represents a moment of restart with the resumption of social activities, schools, contacts and relationships, which have been lacking so much in the last year and a half due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Durex therefore wants to celebrate this month by laying an important foundation in the attempt to create a moment dedicated to sexual health and well-being and to support services in this area, promoting an ever greater debate on the issue between institutions, public and private.

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