Shock in Italy at the death of Raffaella, his last star

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Shock in Italy at the death of Raffaella, his last star

Shock in Italy at the death of Raffaella, his last star

The covers of ‘Corriere della Sera’, ‘La Repubblica’ and ‘La Stampa’.

“Queen, icon, lady and legend of television, the number one in the world, an unmistakable, nonconformist and revolutionary style.” This is how the Italian newspapers remember Carrà

Shock in Italy at the death of Raffaella, his last star

Queen, icon, lady and legend of television, the first and last Italian star, the number one in the world, a splendid career, an unmistakable, non-conformist and revolutionary style … With these words they open this afternoon the digital covers of all Italian newspapers
to say goodbye to Raffaella Carrà, who died this Monday at 78 years of age. The death of this true ‘showwoman’ has caused a commotion in Italy, a country that just a month and a half ago lost another of its great artistic figures, Franco Battiato.

Of the great Italian diva, he says
‘Corriere della Sera’ what was a woman
“Strong, witty, friendly and modern. And so it was until the end ». The Italian newspaper assures that “she wanted to be remembered for her laugh, her perfect blonde hair, her optimism, her contagious joy.
She hated compassion and never wanted to look tired, sad, and sick. It was his last gesture of generosity towards his audience.

‘La Repubblica’ remember that Carrà was everything:
dancer, singer, actress, presenter and author. «He knew how to do everything and he did everything well. She was the queen of Italian television and probably will be for a long time. Provocative and soothing at the same time
, has been loved by entire generations of Italians, garnering praise even from the British newspaper ‘The Guardian’: ‘He taught Europe the joy of sex.’

‘Il Mattino’ they collect some of the samples of affection and reactions on the part of different personalities of the transalpine country. There is the one of the president of the European Parliament,
David sassoli, who says goodbye to her saying that she is
«History of the show on Italian television. For professionalism, education, courtesy and kindness out of the ordinary ».
Pippo Baudo, mythical presenter of Italian television, claims to be “greatly shocked.”
«She was an exceptional artist, an extraordinary self-taught, I have known her since the beginning of her career. I have never been able to do a program with her, it was the only reproach I ever made of her, it is my greatest regret “, admits who also highlights that she is” one of the few Italian stars, perhaps the only one, who has been successful in Spain. ». To show a button: «Once in Spain, in a bullring, Raffaella Carrà was alone with her group and
gathered about thirty thousand people. Something incredible”.

‘Il Giorno’ The reaction of the dancer and choreographer stands out on the cover
Enzo Paolo Turchi, with whom he collaborated on several occasions. “I’m in pieces, I’m sorry … We met when we were very young.
She was number one in the world, as a person, as a woman. I have wonderful memories with her. I remember we were in Spain once for a show: there was incredible traffic and we were driving. Raffaella stopped a man on a motorcycle and asked him to take her. She went on stage, there were ten thousand people waiting for her, ”she says.


A performance with Enzo Paolo Turchi.

Former Italian Interior Minister
Matteo salvini wishes Carrà «Have a good trip Raffaella,
your splendid smile will always be with us! », Y
Nicola Zingaretti, a former member of the European Parliament points out in his Facebook account the “great sadness” that the news has caused him, assuring that with the departure of Raffaella Carrà
«A piece of Italian history is leaving». Of “deep sadness” he speaks
Enrico Letta, former president of the Council of Ministers of Italy, who assures that
“Italy loses one of its smartest, nicest and most elegant icons”. Luca Zaia, president of the Veneto region, assures that “the face and icon of Italian television have left today”, while recalling his words of affection towards Venice. The same that today all Italians have towards a star that, unfortunately, has faded.