Shock in Italy: Bryan Dodien, young promise of Juventus, died

Shock in Italy: Bryan Dodien, young promise of Juventus, died

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Shock in Italy: Bryan Dodien, young promise of Juventus, died

Bryan Dodien, young promise of Juventus of Italy and much loved by the French footballer Paul Pogba, died at age 17. Fighting cancer since 2015, as reported by the club through a brief post on social networks. The news caused deep sadness in Italy and generated consternation in the world of football

Juventus joins the pain of Bryan Dodien’s family“, published the Turin club through its official site on social networks.

The news hit the Frenchman Paul Pogba, star of Manchester United, who had a close bond with the young promise since his time in Turin. And he had been following the adolescent’s illness at a distance.

The French midfielder also showed his pain for Dodien with a message in which he described the news as “the saddest“.

“My thoughts and prayers are with all your loved ones. Losing a loved one is never easy, but I will never forget you. You have fought a lot, you have been strong, an example to all. Goodbye my little one. RIP Bryan, we will miss you.” wrote the Frenchman, attaching a series of photographs of Dodien.

Dodien and Pogba met when the news of the cancer suffered by the then 11-year-old was made public: Pogba was one of the first to take an interest in the boy and made public his affection, after scoring a goal during an Italian Cup match where he showed a message of support that read: “Bryan I am with you.”

Six years after that dedication, Dodien could not overcome the disease and after an abrupt relapse he died this Sunday.

Paul Pogba, close to the young promise of Juventus, showed his pain on social networks. Photo: twitter

The young man had been diagnosed with cancer in 2015, when he was only 11 years old. However, in January 2019 he was able to return to the field of play with the U-15 team, in a match against Bologna: “After three years of fighting I am back,” Dodien had said at the time.

The news transcended borders: Real Madrid also showed its deep pain over the death of the young player, through a tweet, in which it expressed its condolences “to family and loved ones, to his teammates and to his club.”

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