“Shouldn’t tell shit”: Habeck attacks other Green colleagues at Lanz in addition to Baerbock

“Shouldn’t tell shit”: Habeck attacks other Green colleagues at Lanz in addition to Baerbock

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“Shouldn’t tell shit”: Habeck attacks other Green colleagues at Lanz in addition to Baerbock

Updated: 07/16/202110:20

Robert Habeck remains loyal to himself and Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock with “Markus Lanz”. Will the team hold out until the federal election in September?

Hamburg – Greens co-boss Robert Habeck is currently on an election tour in northern Germany – and has a stopover in Hamburg at “Markus Lanz” on Wednesday evening. At the beginning of the program, however, there is not much to say about the campaign mode.

Instead, he tries to get the coals out of the fire on which his party colleague Oliver Krischer burned his fingers at Lanz last week. Krischer had not done a good figure in defense of the book “Jetzt” of his party leader Annalena Baerbock. Habeck’s verdict on Krischer’s performance: “That was a mistake. Also one who is angry, to put it politely. “

Robert Habeck discusses the Baerbock book at “Markus Lanz”: “Yes, it’s not cool.”

Because, Habeck continues, a lot of the work of the Greens consisted of “not telling people shit”. Talkmaster Lanz would like to know from Habeck, who is also a writer, what he was thinking when reading the relevant passages. He replies hesitantly: “In the first few places I said: Shit happens.” Lanz continues: “And then?” Habeck hesitates again and answers after a short pause: “Then what Annalena said applies: The criticism of it, that it was a little more than six digits should be taken seriously. And the fact that it was not stated in the crowd that sources were quoted was not a good thing, that was a mistake. “

The consequence of the incident will be seen in further editions of the book, as Habeck explains: “The passage in Deutsche Welle and all other passages in the book will then be put in quotes in the next edition and will be given a footnote.” The topic has not been eaten, he goes back to the “stolen” text passage from Deutsche Welle. Habeck doesn’t have much to say about this: “Yeah, it’s not cool,” he says with a shrug and lets know that he didn’t ask Baerbock about this specific passage.

For him, however, it is not permissible to infer from the “poorly mastered craft” of book-writing that it is imposture: “It is wrong and infamous to do that. Annalena Baerbock is a woman who is steeped in passion for her subjects and is ready, as you can see, to take high personal risks. “

“Markus Lanz” – these were his guests on July 14th:

  • Robert Habeck (Greens) – politicians
  • Helene Bubrowski – journalist
  • Diana carpenter – journalist
  • Peter Kremsner – Infectiologist

Nevertheless, Habeck clearly rates Baerbock’s book project as a whole. Nobody would claim, he explains, that it helped her to run for chancellor: “That would be silly. In this respect, it backfired, ”judges the co-party leader of the Greens. Lanz then throws the thesis into the room that Baerbock has lost humility and wants to “seem bigger” than it is. Habeck recommends asking Baerbock this question directly, but admits that there is a “seductibility” in politics to “put you on your pants. If that doesn’t fit who you are, if it appears to be too big or simply not authentic or is exposed, then, because everything is public, trust is lost. And you have to say that. That is the situation now, we have to build trust again. “

Habeck makes no secret of the fact that the voters’ trust in advance has been damaged: “Trust is the key currency and if that is cracked, then that is not good. And there we are. It’s cracked a bit, I don’t think it’s broken, that it’s beyond repair. ”The Frankfurter AllgemeineJournalist Helene Bubrowski confirms this: “That is the whole problem that she had this nerdy image – and I mean, she also consciously worked on it.” At some point, says Bubrowski, there is not much left of this image: “So that The question now in the room is: Who is this woman? ”According to Habeck, however, this question has not asked himself:“ Because we have been working together intensively for almost four years, three and a half years. ”

Annalena Baerbock remains Green Chancellor candidate – Habeck again denies other efforts with “Markus Lanz”

Another rejection gave Habeck the idea that Baerbock would throw in the towel and he would stand in for her as the top candidate of the Greens. When talk show host Lanz asked him whether he would understand if Baerbock made that decision, Habeck replied: “No, because if you apply for such an office and are nominated, you take on a responsibility that also creates a bond pulls. And that’s why we should try to finalize this election campaign as successfully as possible in the list that we have chosen, closed and found. ”“ Would you, ”Lanz tries one last time,“ compete if it came to that? ”Habeck remains firm: “It’s not the debate. It’s not going to happen.”

“Markus Lanz” – the conclusion of the show

At “Markus Lanz” on Wednesday evening, the stage belongs to the Green Party leader Robert Habeck and the host. There are only two other guests in the studio, journalist Helene Bubrowski and infectiologist Peter Kremsner, and journalist Diana Zimmermann from London is also connected via video for a short Corona England report. Kremsner considers the situation there to be “not dangerous”, after all, a majority of the people at risk have already been vaccinated. The expert himself has been vaccinated three times and has a few laughs on his side due to his relaxed approach to the subject. In the end, it is Habeck who sums up Kremsner’s state of knowledge: “Children outside the risk group only need to be vaccinated to protect adults. And the reverse would be: If adults are vaccinated, then children do not have to be vaccinated. “

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