Sierra Nevada champion Adamczyk fell in the semifinals and was fifth

Sierra Nevada champion Adamczyk fell in the semifinals and was fifth

Š champion Adamczyková in Sierra Nevada fell in the semifinals and was fifth

Illustrative photo – Snowboardcrosser Eva Adamczyková at a press conference on February 24, 2023, Prague.

Sierra Nevada (Spain) – Snowboadcrosser Eva Adamczyk finished fifth in the World Cup race in Sierra Nevada. The reigning world champion, after falling in the semi-finals, won the small final and dropped one place compared to Saturday's race. The 2021 world champion Charlotte Bankes won again in Britain, who also dominated the second race in this Spanish resort. Radek Houser, who was eliminated in the round of 16, also advanced from the qualification to the main race.

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Adamczyková managed the quarterfinals in style, which she won in start-finish style. In the semi-finals, she got off to the best start and got to the front, but she fell in the second banked corner and her hopes of advancing to the medal fight were gone. “I drove very high, where exactly the bumps were. Before that, in the quarterfinals, the bumps weren't there yet,” she described the critical moment in a recording for the media.

She got her taste with a win in the small final. “I managed to fix it, I drove the trap better. It was necessary to show such a drive in the semi-final,” she said. She was also satisfied with the fifth place. “I've been riding well. I'm very happy with the starts. With how consistent it's been that I've managed to win all the starts. I think I'm keeping a steady performance and I'm managing to confirm that I'm riding well. It just needs less mistakes ,” added the Olympic champion from Sochi.

Bankesová won the grand final ahead of her biggest competitor in the fight for the overall World Cup triumph, Chloé Trespeuchová. As a result, she got to the top of the SP standings with an eighteen-point lead over her French competitor. Another Frenchwoman, Manon Petitová Lenoirová, finished third today.

Of the Czech men, only Houser succeeded in qualifying and, just like on Saturday, he finished immediately after the first race, after falling in the round of 16. The race was won by Swiss Kalle Koblet, who in the final beat Saturday's winner Lucas Eguibar from Spain.

SP in snowboard cross in Sierra Nevada:

Men: 1. Koblet (Switzerland), 2. Eguibar (Sp.), 3. Bozzolo, 4. Surget (both Fr.), …25. Houser – eliminated in the round of 16, 33. Choura and Kubičík – both eliminated in the 1st round.

Provisional order of the SP (after 6 out of 9 races): 1. Eguibar 312, 2. Bozzolo 305, 3. Visintin (It.), …48. Houser 12, 50. Chora 8, 53. Kubicík 4.

Women: 1. Bankesová (Brit.), 2. Trespeuchová, 3. Petitová Lenoirová (both Fr.), 4. McManiomanová (Can.), 5. Adamczyková, …20. Hopjáková (both Czech Republic) – eliminated in the preliminary round.

Progressive standings of the WC (after 6 out of 9 races): 1. Bankesová 478, 2. Trespeuchová 460, 3 Baffová (Aust.) 293, …5. Adamczyková 232, 23. Hopjáková 83.